Solidsteel SS-6 Speaker Stands



The Solidsteel SS Series fulfils a longstanding need regarding the proper setup and enjoyment of monitor speakers, and must in many ways be considered as important as the units they support. The three tubolar supports end with a crimped steel bar. The stainless steel spikes are removable to allow the frame to be filled with damping material. The top plate in MDF is interchangeable, ensuring a high degree of optimization with the largest number of loudspeakers. Decoupling between the chassis and the shelf is achieved through three high precision steel ball bearings. 

The originality of the design of these legendary products dates back to 1992, the year in which our founder Moreno Conti produced the first serial production.

These unique tripods are assembled through a traditional brass welding process, wisely performed by expert hands. The average production time of a single piece is about 15 minutes, with all its parts already prepared for processing. These characteristics make them inimitable and unique.

The SS stands are also supplied with “Pata-fix®” to properly fix the speakers to the top plate. 


  • Small and medium size, bookshelf/monitor loudspeakers; 
  • KEF R3® Bookshelf Speakers; 
  • KEF LS50® Bookshelf Speakers and similars; 
  • B&W 803 D3® Bookshelf Speakers; 
  • Brigadier Mu2® Bookshelf Speakers; 
  • BBC LS3/5a monitor speakers and similars;
  • BBC LS5/9 monitor speakers and similars;

Technical Specifications


  • Three-leg plate in Flat Black, White & Raw finish;
  • MDF top plate in Flat Black finish;
  • Stainless steel vertical tubular supports with anti-resonant finish;
  • Height-adjustable, stainless steel spikes;
  • Weight: 12,2 Kg | 26.90 lbs
  • Finish: Black or White
  • Outer Dimensions mm | inch:W 330 (13)  H 625 (24,6)  D 310 (12,2)
  • Inner Shelves Dimensions mm | inch:  W 160 (6,3) D 160 (6,3)


  • Black
  • White
  • Raw