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May 16, 2022 — Marco Falcetta


May 05, 2022 — Marco Falcetta
B&W Panorama 3 Released.

B&W Panorama 3 Released.

For years soundbars were the bane of our existence. Always disappointing and fiddly to work with. However, this trend has been bucked in the last few years. Sonically, soundbars have greatly improved, they are very reliable, and have a much wider feature set. 


The Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 1 and 2 were the brightest stars in the darkest days. If you were in the shop asking for a soundbar, it was the soundbar. The Panorama 3 has been released and we're pleased to see it's back. Featuring a complete redesign — ditching the 2's bulky form-factor. With streaming capability, this soundbar can do much more than just enhance your viewing experience. 


With fantastic low-end performance, the Panorama 3 sheds one of the typical pitfalls of soundbars. This is a perfect solution for those with significant space restrictions. You'll be very happy with the vast improvement over your television's speakers.


Click here to read more about the Panorama 3.

April 02, 2022 — Cade Dunbar
Lumin U2 MINI & Tellurium Q Intro Promotion

Lumin U2 MINI & Tellurium Q Intro Promotion

In the last few years, Lumin has become one of the most interesting Hi-fi brands on the scene. Lumin, out of nowhere rode in on the streaming wave, offering a load of fantastic components. Next to debut is the Lumin U2 Mini network streaming transport. The U2 Mini will get you enjoying the latest and greatest in streaming.

All you'll need to do is plug this beauty into your system's DAC and get listening. To help you with some plugging in is Lumin's introductory promotion. Any order of a Lumin U2 Mini will come with your choice of a cable. You'll be able to choose between Tellurium Q BNC, RCA, USB or XLR cable. A fantastic cable and a fantastic unit.

The promotion will last until the end on June, but do you really want to wait?

Read more about the unit here.

April 01, 2022 — Cade Dunbar
Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond 4 Speakers in the shop

Bowers & Wilkins D4 in the shop!

The latest and greatest from Bowers & Wilkins are in-store and ready to be listened to. We have the 802s, 803s, and 805s so far. 

We are enjoying listening to them, and we know you will too. Come in and give them a shot.


December 07, 2021 — Cade Dunbar
PS Audio Stellar Strata 20% Off

PS Audio Stellar Strata 20% Off

We have been able to secure a large batch of PS Audio Stellar Strata Integrated Amplifiers at reduced pricing enabling us to offer 20% off Stellar Strata, while stocks last. Strictly limited stock, limited time only.

Stellar Strata Features

  • Class A Balanced Analog Preamplifier
  • Full Function Dac
  • Built In Streaming Services With Ps Audio Connect App (Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, UPNP)
  • Class A Headphone Amplifier
  • 150 Watt Per Channel Power Amplifier (Into 4 Ohm)
  • PS Connect Mobile Control App
  • Built In WiFi
  • Digital Lens Technology
  • Dsd Direct Through I2S
  • 192kHz Asynchronous Coax Input
  • 384kHz Asynchronous Usb
  • High Current Class A Hybrid Output Stage


PS Audio Stellar Strata Integrated Amplifier

August 27, 2021 — Omer Sheikh
PS Audio Powerplants 20% Off

PS Audio Powerplants 20% Off

Hello PS Audio enthusiasts,

All models of PS Audio Power Plants are now 20% off. Strictly limited stock, limited time only.

Our distributor has secured a limited number of sale units from PS Audio, once stock is sold the offer will no longer be available.

PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3

PS Audio Power Plant P12

PS Audio Power Plant P15

PS Audio Power Plant P20

August 27, 2021 — Omer Sheikh