The Wand Turntable 10.3" Plus




Launched in 2011 The Wand Tonearm picked up several Design Awards and numerous Five Star reviews around the world. The Wand Tonearm® represents a step change in tonearm design. This is not your grandmother’s ‘gramophone’. Its large diameter carbon-fibre arm tube makes it at least four times stiffer than ‘traditional’ arms. It is available in the 10.3in "Plus", 10.3in "S" and the 10.3in "Master".

Features/ Specification:

9.5" Tonearm:
  • Mount: 222
  • Weight: 500g
  • Effective Mass: 13g
  • Damped que lifter: no
  • Arm Lock: No
  • Tube vibe. damping: no
  • Arm tip hole: no
  • Plugs: plated
  • Internal wire: cardas
  • Spindle: 6mm
  • Mounting plate/rest: 2mm SS
  • M3 Screws: Phillips chrome
  • Armtube: Black carbon fibre
  • VTA Adujst: yes
  • VIbration sink: N

  Model 14-4 (14 inch / 4-layer platter)

  • Big diameter 14 inch Smart Platter™.
  • Large diameter (360mm) gives 20% more inertia than conventional platter of equivalent mass.
  • Four-layer construction of platter damps vibration and noise transfer.
  • Acrylic playing surface for vibration transfer from record for increased resolution.
  • Screw down clamp with acrylic surface allows record label to be seen.
  • German Plywood main structure. Asymmetric shape and internal machining to disperse noise and vibration.
  • Zentroidal™ three point suspension system. The centroid of suspension, the stillest point, is close to the playing arc to maximise shock and vibration rejection.
  • DC Motor with superb electronic speed control. 33 / 45rpm (& 78 to order).
  • Electronic braking for quick record changing.
  • Includes 9.5" Wand Tonearm (fitted)
  • Swiss custom-made flat belt. This provides dynamic punch while maintaining noise isolation.
  • Includes a stylish lid.
    • Lid is mechanically outside the playing system
    • Designed for cueing the record to the beginning when the lid is down.
    • The lid stands upright on its back edge.
  • Optional on-board phono stage The Wand EQ Phono Stage is designed by New Zealand’s Pureaudio.  Also available as a stand alone unit.
  • Optional stand alone support for second arm.
  • 12kg (~480mm x 400mm x 120mm,  ~19” x 15”3/4 x 5”)
  • 100V- 240V AC 50-60Hz supply
  • Handmade in Aotearoa / New Zealand