Secret Chord Analogue Record Restone Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid


This product is not available for online purchase. Please contact us via phone on +61262474844 or email to arrange purchase.

Record Restore is an archive-quality record cleaning product developed by Secret Chord Analogue.

After independent testing and feedback from customers around the world, we can say with great confidence Record Restore outperforms alternative cleaning methods including vacuum and ultrasonic cleaners.
And with Record Restore there is no requirement for a large upfront investment in equipment!
Restores old records to their former glory by breaking down binder substances and removing statically charged soils. Production residues are removed from new albums while protecting both from static electricity.

How it works:

Our formula works by first penetrating deep into the grooves where it turns contaminants, and the binder substances that weld them to the groove walls, into an emulsion.
The formula is engineered to specifically target and remove static charged soiling. Unless neutralised, this form of contaminant will remain adhered to the groove walls.
When the emulsion dries, the dissolved solids are trapped in the resulting film, which is simply peeled off the record. The binders and 100% of the dissolved contaminants are fully removed - without leaving any residue.
Unlike other cleaning methods, there's no cross-contamination from reused fluids, cloths or brushes. And there's no abrasive scrubbing or harmful ingredients that can damage your records.


Record Restore delivers a number of direct benefits. The removal of fine particles eliminates noise and protects the stylus against excessive wear, which in turn protects your records. In removing binders, Restore exposes the finest wave patterns on the groove walls. Little wonder people report hearing material they've not heard before.
Record Restore's advanced groove cleaning ability is highly rewarding for high end stylus shapes such as micro-line, micro-ridge, Shibata, etc. Sitting lower in the groove, these styluses are less tolerant of groove contaminants.
Another advantage Record Restore has over other cleaning methods is its long-lasting anti-static properties. Once a record has been cleaned, it remains static-free indefinitelv.