Pro-Ject Perfect Primary II Hi-Fi Pack

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Perfect Primary II Pack

Turntable system with Bluetooth streaming

Start your vinyl journey with the Perfect Primary II. It's an excellent entry point to the world of analogue listening with the added convenience of Bluetooth streaming in a compact and versatile package

Forget about all-in-one turntables, soundbars & active speakers

What you really want is a hi-fi system.

This pack is designed for the true vinyl aficionado. With separate components, not only do you get better sound, but you have the flexibility to upgrade elements of this system later down the track. We like to call it future-proof.

Bluetooth as well!

This system doesn't just play records either. It has an amplifier with Bluetooth on-board too.

For those days where you can't make it off the couch to change the record, there's nothing more convenient than streaming music straight from your phone.

So, what's included?

  • Primary E Phono turntable 
  • Stereo Box S3 BT amplifier 
  • Speaker Box 5 speakers 
  • All necessary cables

Turntable: Primary E Phono

With a well-crafted, classic design, the Primary E Phono offers the kind of build quality usually associated with more expensive models.

Even better, the Primary E Phono comes with an on-board switchable phono stage, as well as the counterweight and anti-skating weight pre-set, so plugging in your turntable and getting records playing has never been easier.

Amplifier: Stereo Box S3 BT

Offering up an impressive amount of power for it's size, the Pro-Ject Stereo Box S3 BT is perfect for a desktop workspace, bedroom or a small living room.

Packing 2 AUX inputs and Bluetooth streaming into a housing that’s smaller than a CD, the Pro-Ject Stereo Box S3 BT is full of surprises. You'll even be able to connect to your TV or computer into the spare input, as well as any Bluetooth device to the BT input.

Speakers: Speaker Box 5

A stylish addition to any living space, you can't beat the classic lines of the Pro-Ject Speaker Box 5. Utilizing a 2-way monitor speaker design, the slick look is maintained because the bass reflex system is on back side.

The result? Tight and clear bass, minimalist looks and outstanding performance for their size.