Meze LIRIC 2nd Generation Closed Back Headphones




This 2nd Generation of LIRIC represents a new chapter in our quest to evolve, featuring a new and refined sound profile, detachable magnetic ear pads, sublime Macassar ebony ear cups, and one of our premium hand-braided copper cables.


As time flows, change is always accompanying it. The only permanent element in this universe is impermanence. Within it is the opportunity to grow and change for the better. This is the evolution of the LIRIC headphones.

“Design has never been a static practice. 

But I don’t believe in revolutions. In fact, nothing is ever truly a revolution and we should be aware of that. The very concept of revolution is as romanticized as the one of disruption is glorified. 

What seems a revolution to an untrained eye, is in fact a series of events and factors that determine each other. One only has to zoom in. Those who call it simply a revolution, often don’t see the more granular nature of such events.

Every “new” thing is not only strongly dependent on existing context, it is born out of it to the point that it is in a way incorrect to call it new.

The higher aim of our design and development process has always been to deliver a transformational experience for people, a transformation through emotions and sensations. Every day we try to get just a little bit better at it.”

- Antonio Meze, Lead Designer & Founder


Transcending in time is an art form embraced by few, an art of patience and thoughtfulness. LIRIC, our closed-back isodynamic headphone is turning the page on a new chapter, enhancing its essence while introducing a richer sound and refined tuning.

Macassar ebony wood adorns the ear cups, extending an invitation to connect with the feeling of warmth that only Mother Nature can provide. Merging form with function, the ear pads have been re-engineered for effortless maintenance, now adopting a detachable magnetic design.

The art of evolution means to change with a familiar note.


“We knew from the very beginning that there is great potential for evolution sound-wise. It was a long process to determine the exact areas of improvement, but we had an ace up our sleeve – our faithful community’s feedback. 

Looks like we’re starting to develop a symbiotic relationship here, which, to be completely honest, feels like the right thing to do.”

- Alex Grigoraș, Acoustic Engineer


The sound of the LIRIC has been refined with the help of our community’s feedback, and it now falls in between a balanced and a warm profile. This means you get a mix of clear and accurate audio, with a touch of warmth for added depth.


The Quarter Wavelength Resonator Mask is a precision-crafted metal component that strategically covers select openings in the driver frame, to effectively attenuate high-frequency peaks above 7kHz for a less fatiguing listening experience.


Coming from a tradition of Maramures craftsmanship, we decided to preserve the design language of the first generation of LIRIC, but warm it up with the introduction of wood. This journey we embarked on led us to discover the most potent fit in Macassar ebony – a heavy, dense, aesthetically pleasing hardwood known for its deep, rich brown coloration punctuated by intricate golden-brown stripes. 


In the spirit of natural evolution, LIRIC joins the Meze Audio family of products with detachable magnetic ear pads. This design choice ultimately translates into enhanced reliability and serviceability, characteristics that audiophiles and music enthusiasts worldwide have grown accustomed to.


Our premium hand-braided copper cable now serves as the stock cable for LIRIC. We’ve focused our efforts towards enhancing the listening experience, offering a 4.4 mm termination premium cable suitable for most portable headphone amplifiers, as well as a 3 m soft TPE cable with a 3.5 mm jack, ideal for home headphone setups.


To allow for optimal ear cup chamber pressure and better airflow control, our finely tuned Pressure Equalisation System is present on the LIRIC. It has also been upgraded to achieve a smoother transition from the bass frequency region into the low midrange.


To the already optimal blend of materials came the striped ebony wood, solidifying LIRIC’s role in the world as a refined work of art in the chapter of material choices alone. Gradual development was the key to achieving this formidable fusion of leather, wood, and metal. Staying true to our ‘no-compromise’ mindset, this new build is just as flexible and resistant to shock, wear, and oxidation.

The effect of this premium selection echoes across multiple sensory dimensions: a lightweight, lovely-to-the-touch, easily adjustable headphone that will stand the test of time for generations.


Driver Type Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array® MZ4
Geometrical Shape Ovoid
Operating Principle Closed-back
Size 92 mm x 63 mm
Ear Coupling Circumaural
Driver Weight 71 g
Frequency Response 4 - 92,000 Hz
Casing Fibreglass reinforced polymer
Impedance 61 Ω
Diaphragm Type Rinaro Isoplanar® MZ4
Sensitivity 100 dB SPL @ 1 kHz, 1 mW
Active Area 3.507 mm2
Maximum SPL >130 dB
Diaphragm Weight 0.08 g
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <0.15%
Acoustic Mass 6.5 kg/m4
Weight 427 g
Lower Frequency Limit 4 Hz
Upper Frequency Limit 92,000 Hz