Inakustik Reference LS-404 Micro AIR speaker cable



To faithfully transmit the extremely fine details that define sound and space and lend emotion to the music, the cable has to metaphorically keep the speaker on as tight a leash as possible to the amplifier. These beasts can be tamed by applying physical laws, using the right materials, and an appropriate cable architecture.

To that end, the Referenz LS-404 Micro AIR loudspeaker cables are ‘Air insulated’ to avoid the deleterious effect of capacitance and electrical energy storage within the cables. The Referenz LS-404 Micro AIR’s high-purity copper conductor layout features eight concentric bundles. The company has developed a proprietary configuration which arrays the conductor bundles in several layers therefore optimising signal flow while it also “minimises transit time differences”.

The layout also cancels magnetic field interference around the positive and negative conductors while markedly reducing cable inductance. These strategies are said to greatly enhance the spatial presentation of appropriate recordings. The multi-bundle configuration is then enveloped in a thin layer of polyethylene in order to protect the copper from oxidisation.

The inakustik Referenz LS-404 Micro AIR loudspeaker cables are available in banana plug or spade lug terminations and in single-wire and in bi-wire configurations.


Dimensions N/A
3.0 M
BFA Banana, Spade