Artnovion Jaya Acoustic Diffuser



Jaya - Diffuser

Geometric beauty

Jaya W Diffuser is a product with an exquisite design, aiming to reach maximum high frequency diffusion. This handmade elliptic panel was designed to give you maximum efficiency in every way, particularly at high frequencies. The scattering of this panel begins at 600 Hz and offers effective and even diffusion up to 6000 Hz.
This premium product is available in a wood finish or in lacquered colours, making it ideal to be used on the front, back or side walls of your room, as well as ceilings.


Type 2D - Geometric Diffuser
Scattering range
600 Hz to 6000 Hz
Purpose - Improving low frequency response
- Flutter echo control
- Specular reflection control
- Enlarging sweet spot
Recommended for
- Hi-Fi Listening Room
- Media Room
- Home Cinema
FG - LW | 595x595x150mm

FG - NW | 595x595x150mm