Ex-Demo Clearance

We are quickly running out of room in the store and need to free up some space, this means you get some really good prices on some exceptional audio gear. All prices are for our 1 off, Ex-Demo units and does not apply to new stock.

Arcam C49 - Was $6495 Now $3535
Arcam A39 - Was $2995 Now $2487
Arcam A29 - Was $1995 Now $1546
Arcam CDS27 - Was $1595 Now $1218
Marantz SR5012 - Was $1650 Now $1463
Martin Logan ESL 15A - Was $39999 Now $28988
Martin Logan ESL 9 - Was $11999 Now $9256
Martin Logan Motion 4 - Was $899 Now $616
Martin Logan Motion 40 - Was $3799 Now $2540
Martin Logan Electro Motion ESL - Was $4499 Now $2728
Martin Logan Ethos - Was $9999 Now $7078
Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand SE - Was $7999 Now $5320
Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand SE - Was $2799 Now $1983
Klipsch RP-250F - Was $2199 Now $1383
Sonus Faber Principia 5 - Was $1999 Now $1491
Sonus Faber Principia 7 - Was $2499 Now $1884
Bowers & Wilkins 683s2 - Was $2499 Now $1999
Bowers & Wilkins 684s2 - Was $1699 Now $1199

Ex-Demo Headphones

Sennheiser HD518 Was $199 Now $129
AKG K81DJ Was $109 Now $70
AKG K142 Was $249 Now $160
AKG K712 Was $799 Now $479
AKG K519 Was $149 Now $97
Sennheiser PX360 Was $239 Now $155
AKG K181DJ Was $299 Now $195
AKG K272 Was $369 Now $258
SennheiserHD203 Was $79 Now $49
Musical Fidelity MF100 Was $249 Now $149
Musical Fidelity MF200 Was $499 Now $299
Aedle VK1 Was $599 Now $299
AKG Q460 Was $219 Now $109
Sennheiser PXC310 Was $499 Now $325

Please give us a call  on 02 6247 4844 or use the contact us form if you would like to grab a pair of these!

PS Audio BHK Bundle Offer

For the month of October 2018 only - order a BHK Amplifier with the BHK Preamplifier to receive 15% off normal RRP. Discount applies to combination order of BHK250 Stereo Poweramp with BHK Preamp, or BHK300 Monoblock Amplifiers with BHK Preamp. This is a fantastic opportunity to take your system to the next level.

Strictly limited stock, please contact us to confirm current availability.

Start Steaming High Resolution Audio Today With Bluesound

Bluesound has announced a new Cash Back running all of September until 28th of October. Bluesound products are capable of streaming high quality audio format MQA via the Tidal streaming service, as well as 24bit audio files over your network.

With streamers, network amplifiers, the very unique Vault and even a soundbar, there is a Bluesound product for every home.

The Bluesound Cash Back offer is for a limited time only so get in early and start enjoying good sounds around your home. You can bundle as many Bluesound components into the one purchase for a bigger cashback.

To be eligible to claim a cash back worth up to $250, simply purchase an eligible new Bluesound 31st August 2018 and 28th October 2018 and follow the rules outlined in the T&C’s.

If you have purchased a participating Bluesound product and want to claim your cash back visit: 
Bluesound Redeem Cash Back

Following your successful claim registration, you will receive an email with a unique claim reference number. You will need this claim number for any future communications with the Promotions team.

Visit the Bluesound Australia website or click the following link to find out more about the
Bluesound Cash Back Terms and Conditions

Definitive Technologies Free Upgrade

Definitive Technologies are running an excellent promotion until the 30th of November.

Any customer who purchases any of the BP loudspeaker series, will receive a complimentary upgrade:

Buy a BP9020 and get a FREE UPGRADE to BP9040

Buy a BP9040 and get a FREE UPGRADE to BP9060

Buy a BP9060 and get a FREE UPGRADE to BP9080

Buy a BP9080 and get the BONUS CS9080 matching Centre Speaker.

Def Tech BP-9040 home theatre system review

Def Tech BP-9060 speaker review

Def Tech BP-9080 home theatre system review

New Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series

Bowers & Wilkins have just announced an update to their immensely popular 600 series. B&W have finally retired kevlar in their line-up and is now fully represented by Continuum. This news has us very excited as we are massive fans of the new Continuum drivers that B&W have developed and as a result are some of the most musical speakers we have heard. You can check out the rest of the statement here

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