The 700 Series S3 have received the Signature treatment. Bowers and Wilkins have unveiled three Signature models adapted from the original 700 S3 range. They've taken the 702 S3, the 705 S3, and the HTM71 S3 and given them a significant overhaul. The new Signature models feature upgraded drive units and improvements to each unit's crossover. As well as this they all include new brass terminal posts, which might appear purely aesthetic, but are meant to improve signal flow into the speaker. But when it comes to aesthetic refinement, they're not lacking. You have a choice between two special finishes Datuk Gloss Wood and Midnight Blue. 

From initial reports, there is a significant performance increase from their standard 700 Series counterparts. We're particularly interested in the 702 model, as this could be a comparable alternative to the 805 bookshelf speakers for those interested in floorstanders.

They will be arriving in the country within the next several weeks.

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702 S3 Signature
705 S3 Signature
HTM71 S3 Signature

April 26, 2024 — Cade Dunbar
Tags: Product News