The new range from the legendary speaker manufacturer is sure to impress...

Bowers & Wilkins have launched the third generation of the 700 series and the range has never sounded so good. With S3 comes a total design refresh. This isn't a case of putting a new badge on an old product, virtually every element has received a substantial redesign.

In the way, we've come to expect, S3 is the beneficiary of its big brother, the 800 D4 range. The 700 Series has been a stepping stone for many customers on the way to the 800 Series. Conversely, the 700 Series has been the first foray into the mid-range for many customers, marking the move from Hi-Fi dabbler to enthusiast. Whether in Camp A or B, the final result is adoration for what the 700 Series has to offer.

With the aesthetics of Hi-Fi being more important than ever, it's very encouraging to see B&W making bold design changes with every release. In this case, they have introduced a curved front panel and adopted a much narrower cabinet design. There is however no doubt that these seemingly superficial design choices serve a more fundamental performance purpose.

Our demonstration stock is now with us this week, we're excited to hear the significant upgrades. Come in and have a listen now that they're in store.

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    September 29, 2022 — Marco Falcetta
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