Wireworld Silver Sphere HDMI Cable



For shorter runs up to 3 Metres, WireWorld’s Silver Sphere HDMI cables are almost without parallel. They offer incredibly high audio and visual performance and some of the fastest data rates of any HDMI cables available. Naturally, being WireWorld, they are constructed to the highest level and even a cursory glance will reveal their top-shelf quality. If you want one of the best HDMI cables available, and don’t require a length greater than 3 Metres, WireWorld’s Silver Sphere is the cable for you.


WireWorld Silver Sphere HDMI maximizes the performance of HDMI2.1 connections with WireWorld’s exclusive Uni-Path internal structure, silver-clad oxygen-free copper conductors, self-locking HD-Grip plugs and ultra-quiet Composilex 3 insulation. These advanced features improve sound and video quality while supporting the 48Gbps data rate required for the most demanding next generation applications, including 8K, HDR, 64 Bit Deep Colour and HDCP2.3.

Silver Clad Copper: Silver Sphere HDMI steps up from Sphere HDMI with the use of silver clad copper conductors. Since silver is the most conductive metal, adding a layer of silver over copper can improve performance. Wireworld use the term ‘clad’ to describe an extremely thick layer of silver. The silver-clad cables have about three times as much silver as rival silver-plated models. Silver also makes the quietest and lowest loss connections, even when mated to terminals made of other metals. Silver conductors improve resolution, which can reveal coloration caused by design faults, but in the best designs they simply reveal more music.

Composilex 3 Insulation: Insulation materials are considered very important in cable design and designers usually select whatever standard materials they find to work the best. The problem with that approach is that none of those standard materials provide both low loss and low triboelectric noise. To overcome that limitation, Wireworld developed their own composite insulation materials. Now in their third generation, Composilex 3 insulation materials are uniquely blended to minimize both noise and loss, enabling you to hear more musical detail and three-dimensionality than ever before.

Composilex 3 insulation has made great improvements in the performance of Wireworld’s HDMI cables. It is totally unique to Wireworld and the incredibly quiet background, tonal purity and expansive soundstaging it provides are a revelation in sonic realism. It works by reducing triboelectric noise, which is caused by static charge/discharge effects generated where conductors touch insulation. The noise is induced by movement, vibration and signal energy. Engineered for the lowest triboelectric noise of any low loss insulation material, including DuPont Teflon, Composilex 3 provides a major advance in preserving tonality, spatiality and dynamic contrast.

”Eye Pattern” Test: WireWorld perform an eye pattern test to determine the capability of the cable to carry the specified (as laid down by The HDMI Group, LLC) digital video signal over the length of any given HDMI cable. Whilst other brands choose to highlight favourable and selective results that only provide a partial account of compliance, WireWorld tests the entire range of HDMI cables that it manufactures.

Uni-Path: The Uni-Path design provides similar advantages to the more complex DNA Helix design in lower cost and smaller scale applications. Uni-Path improves electromagnetic efficiency and shielding. This innovation enables more of the original signal information to be reproduced, improving both sound and imaging.

HD-Grip: Wireworld HD-Grip HDMI plugs, with 24K gold plating, utilize innovative tensioning tabs to improve the reliability and quality of connections.

Pro Installers: Many custom installers use Wireworld HDMI cables simply because they work in situations where others don’t. All current Wireworld HDMI cables are certified by DPL Labs to exceed the 18Gbps required for every feature of HDMI2.0. Even though HDMI video is generally excellent to begin with, a faster and quieter cable can still reduce pixel noise, improving contrast, colour saturation and depth. On the other hand, HDMI audio tends to be very lossy, making the cables connecting source components to the receiver/processor the most important audio cables in the system. Therefore, we recommend upgrading the source cables as the first step to appreciating the benefits of Wireworld HDMI cables.

Quality Control: WireWorld is leading the way in verifying the quality of all its HDMI products. WireWorld’s range of HDMI cables are subjected to very exacting quality control and testing procedures. Each and every cable goes through a full electrical test and visual inspection. Only the samples that meet the strict WireWorld criteria are shipped from the factory to Audio Trends.

In The News

WireWorld is also featuring prominently in the Hi-Fi Press. Here are some noteworthy comments...

"...All this would be fine on its own, but where this Wireworld shines is with pin sharp images and a realistic palette where skin tones are reassuringly natural and colours are well defined and in balance. In short, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better HDMI cable around that has this kind of ability for the money. Rock steady with motion, lack of image noise, good sound...Wireworld has produced a class-leading cable.

  • Design: High Performance HDMI cable with WireWorld’s Uni-Path technology, silver-clad oxygen free cooper conductors and Composilex 3 insulation
  • Supports: 8K, HDR, 64 Bit Deep Colour and HDCP2.3
  • Speed: Up to 48Gbps Transmission Speed guaranteed at all lengths
  • Deep Colour: 64-bit Deep Colour
  • Construction: Uni-Path Design
  • Conductors: Silver-Clad Oxygen-free Copper
  • Insulation: Ultra-Quiet Composilex 3 Insulation
  • Plugs: HD-Grip plugs with 24k gold plating
  • Length: 3 Metres
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Note: Main Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE.