STAX SR-003 MK2 In Ear Headphones

By Stax


The SR-003MK2 is a 5-pin PRO bias type in-the-ear earspeaker, and can be used by connecting to a driver unit having 5-pin PRO bias output socket. The redesigned ear canal type structure of the SR-003 enables you to enjoy excellent electrostatic sound quality without covering your ears. The SR-003MK2 connects to STAX driver units or adapters equipped with 5-pin type PRO bias output.

Re-designed ear piece

Re-designed ear piece with 3 silicone ear bud sizes.


15% lighter than the S-001/MK2 results in further resolution, transparency and purer listening pleasure.

Comfortable and Light Weight

The SR-003 MK2 In-the-Earspeaker utilizes thinner diaphragm material. Lighter by 15% over the pervious models S-001 and S-001MK2. Redesigned ear piece for comfort. New earbuds in 3 sizes. With the STAX SR-003 MK2 earphones, comfort is the key feature, leaving the ears clear of all external restrictions and perspiration that may result from heavy earpad typed.


Type Push-Pull electrostatic circular sound element, In-The-Earcanal type enclosure
Frequency Response 20-20kHz (4dB)
Capacitance 44pF (including cable)
Sensitivity 110dB / 100V r.m.s. 1 kHz
Bias Voltage  550-580V DC
Ear Pads Silicone earbuds (Small, Medium, or Large) Medium included
Cable parallel 6-core, 1.5m full length
Weight 0.4oz without cable / 1oz with cable