REL S/510 Subwoofer



The REL S/510 takes everything that was good about the previous Serie S models and turns it up to 11. With a bigger amplifier, new improved bass driver, sleek cantilevered cabinetry and uniquely transparent filters the S/510 will literally blow you away by how good it is.


Nothing less than a complete and total transformation, the Serie S S/510 represents the biggest leap in performance in the long and storied tradition of REL’s mid-sized class.

Numerous upgrades can be found inside and out, beginning with beautiful new cabinetry contrasted by subtle gunmetal grey badging that sleekens and modernizes, emphasizing horizontal linearity and reducing visual mass. The replacement of feet with ultra-stable rails cantilevers the main cabinet forward allowing it to seemingly float in space. This new designs - lower, wider, and deeper - reveals proportions that derive from REL’s reference subwoofer portfolio.

The S/510’s power amplifier has been upgraded to the NextGen3 amp previously used in the outgoing flagship and now features a full 500 watt monoblock design. The increased power is needed to handle the special filters first used in REL’s HT/1508, custom versions of which now tailor the .1/LFE channel of the Serie S. These filters result in almost twice the output below 40 Hz. For the High Level and Low Level Inputs, a new design called PerfectFilter™ has been developed resulting in a more musically natural performance with more air and openness throughout your entire system.

The ultra-lightweight driver first found in the original Serie S has been upgraded with rear mounted carbon fibre bracing that stiffens and quiets the cone almost 60%. Overall, the effect is of a far larger, more powerful performer for music and theatre. Meanwhile, improved speed, delicacy and precision has been achieved in the musical realm with improved filtering and control through the application of gentler filtering. The result is a new category of subwoofer that combines the best of both worlds. Powerful and extremely flat, extended deep bass and mid-to-upper bass performance that guarantees the finest mating of sub to speaker with clarity throughout the upper ranges of music.

A Closer Look

Extreme Performance - Compact Package: For the S/510, every aspect of the previous generation’s inner workings were examined without regard to its critical and customer-driven success. REL turned a fresh eye to power requirements, driver improvements, and specialty filters, upgrading each-to extract all the extra performance possible. All this alongside the cabinet refinements necessary for those upgrades to emerge cleanly. This latest S range is a triumphant development that has exceeded every expectation of REL’s design team.

The requirements were for far stronger deep bass output between 20-35 Hz, vastly improved theatre dynamics, and an even more open and spacious soundfield which benefits both music and film. REL employed their NextGen3 amplifier, tuned to 500 watts with substantial reserves of power, added a light film of carbon fibre to the rear of the driver to handle the extra power, and developed two new sets of custom filters to extract the utmost in brute force and spaciousness. Finally, REL cannily imbued the S/510 with the ability to be stacked in 4 or 6 unit line arrays, just like The REL reference models.

S/510’S Bass Engine - Invisibly Upgraded: The S/510 required upgrades to its ContinuousCast™ Alloy Cone to allow it to survive its massive power upgrades. To permit its thin, aluminium cone to survive 500 watts and an incredibly long stroke, REL added an ultra-lightweight backing of pure carbon fibre strategically placed over portions of the rear surface of the cone. This produces two benefits; it strengthens and stiffens the cone and also eliminates reversion, wherein the back wave inside the cabinet is now prevented from interfering with the main launch of bass into the room. The result is more accurate and far louder deep bass.

Superprogressive™ Passive Radiator - Nothing Passive About This: REL’s uniquely tuned passive radiators use special suspensions, now with an additional 8mm of linear travel, to produce performance unlike conventional subwoofers. The new SuperProgressive™ passive radiator produces extremely long travel allowing for very loud output while retaining the variable stiffness of its suspension. This allows it to act like a sealed box compact 12” design at low volumes and a high output 14” design at its limit.

NextGen3 Amplifier - 500 Watt Monoblock Within: At 500 watts the NextGen3 amplifier is borrowed from REL’s former flagship model and produces huge reservoirs of power and current. The 20%+ increase in power (previously 400 watts) was needed to deliver the high output levels needed for modern theatre, as well as to produce the extremely deep bass in a high end 2-channel system. This increase in power is necessitated by the development on the musical front of an all-new circuit termed PerfectFilter™ that perfectly balances both frequency extremes.

PerfectFilter performs two seemingly disparate tasks; extending the strong, even response of the extreme low end bass frequencies while simultaneously opening up air and delicacy in the middle and high frequencies of the system. Additionally, REL applied customized PureTheatre™ filters to allow the S/510 to keep up with modern theatre effects without breaking a sweat.

Serie S Line Arrays - Stacked for Ultimate Performance: In the real world, bass occurs with width, depth and height. By stacking up to three units per side (stereo or theatre main L-R speakers) the proper perspective and height of sonic events are illuminated. This elevates reproduction from conventional stereo or theatre to a floor to ceiling panoramic, full scale perspective of each sonic event. Special fixtures and (included) metal plates allow these models to be stacked up to three-high safely and remain locked together. This feature will open up REL line arrays to a new audience at about half the price of REL’s Reference Line Arrays.

Wireless transmitter: REL AirShip Wireless Transmitter

  • Design: Front-firing active woofer, down-firing passive radiator
  • Active Driver: 10” (250mm) long-throw, die cast aluminium chassis
  • Passive Radiator: 12” (300mm)
  • Amplifier Type: NextGen3 Class D
  • Power Output: 500 watts (RMS)
  • Low Frequency Extension: 20Hz at -6 dB
  • Input Connectors: High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level stereo RCA, LFE RCA, LFE XLR
  • Output Connectors: Hi Level Neutrik Speakon, LFE RCA, LFE XLR
  • Wireless Capability: REL AirShip system - sold separately
  • Protection System: Fully Electronic Set Safe, D.C. Fault, Output Short
  • Mains Input Voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Fuses: 5 Amp semi delay 220 volts operation
  • Supplied Accessories: Mains Lead, 10m Neutrik Speakon cable, User Manual
  • Finish: White Lacquer, 10 coats
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 400 x 410 x 464mm (Add 44.5mm in depth when using Hi Level connector)
  • Net Weight: 31.7 kg