Monitor Audio Anthra W12 Subwoofer



The W12 is the mid-sized model within the Anthra subwoofer series. It features a 12” (30 cm) Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) C-CAM high-excursion driver powered by a Class-D 1,000 Watt amplifier, housed within a comprehensively internally braced, sealed-box cabinet.

Key Features:

  • 1 x 12” (30cm) Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) and ceramic-coated aluminium magnesium (C-CAM) high-excursion driver for super-clean performance
  • 1 x 1000 Watt Class-D amplifier ensures that the driver is working to its optimum performance level, no matter what the volume
  • Massive motor assembles and longer round-wound voice coils, which are dual layered and made of copper-coated aluminium wire (CCAW) for precise control at extreme low frequencies
  • 2 inch full-colour LCD display screen with rotary dial for menu selection and basic setup
  • RCA inputs (left/right. The left Input is LFE)
  • RCA outputs allows daisy chain of up to 4 Anthra subwoofers
  • XLR inputs for professional installation connectivity option
  • XLR outputs allows daisy chain of up to four Anthra subwoofers
  • Available in Gloss Black and Satin White finishes

Engineered to deliver impressive bass in medium and large spaces, the Anthra W12 subwoofer features a formidable 1,000 Watt Class-D amplifier driving a 12” (30 cm) Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) C-CAM high-excursion driver. The W12 can be used on its own or linked with up to three other Anthra subwoofers for a truly immersive, ultra-dynamic listening experience.

A full-colour LCD display and rotatory dial is located on the back panel, to allow for basic subwoofer setup and EQ preset selection, while advanced features including DSP configuration and multi-sub connectivity setup are available via the MaestroUnite app.


System Format
Active - Sealed Cabinet
Lower Frequency Limit
-6dB @16Hz
28 Bit 50 MIPS Configuratable through MaestroUnite
Amplifier Output Power, 120Vac
Instantaneous: 1325 W
Continuous short-term: 700 W
Low Pass Filter
20-200Hz LPF with Roll off Adjustable from -3 to -48dB/Oct
Inputs Stereo Unbalanced RCA (or mono/LFE using only connector marked LFE)Mono/LFE Balanced XLR
External Dimensions (without feet) (HxWxD)
374 x 374 x 374 mm
Cloth covered magnetically attached Grilles
Drive Unit Complement
1x 12" (305 mm) High Linear-Excusion Triple Suspension Driver
Upper Frequency Limit
(LPF Off) -6dB @400Hz
Analogue Digital Conversion
Autoranging Input which combines a 10Vrms maximum input with low signal to noise for small signals
LED UI Control
Brightness, On-Off
Custom EQ
Configurable through MaestroUnite;3 pre-defined EQ curves plus 3 custom EQ curves each with 8 band custom EQ supporting (Peaking, High Shelf, Low Shelf, High Pass)
Outputs Stereo unbalanced outputs with unbuffered throughput from RCA Inputs
Mono/LFE Balanced XLR outputs with unbuffered throughput from XLR Input
Power Consumption
200 W
32.4 kg
Amplifier Classification
High-Efficiency Class-D
Driver Excursion (pk-pk)
50 mm
Amplifier Output Power, 240Vac

Instantaneous: 1700 W*
Continuous short-term: 900 W**

* Maximum RMS output for an instantaneous signal

** Sinewave for 10 seconds

Phase Control
0-360 Degrees measured at LPF Crossover
Volume Level
Wide adjustable input gain to allow maximum output from a wide range of input signals
Mains Input Voltage
Universal Mains, 85-265VAC
Cabinet Construction
Braced 25 mm thick MDF with 36mm front baffle