Les Davis Audio 3D-2 Isolation Discs



New and improved 3D squared  isolation discs have arrived from Les Davis better Finish promising  higher performance. One feet only required to be used under each support.

To be used in all components of an audio system with special attention to reducing electrical current induced vibration in electrical components.

These isolation discs are made of a compound material (composite layering of an industrial grade soft aluminium foil constraining layer and a pressure-sensitive viscoelastic polymer) which dampens vibrations and resonances through not only Hi-Fi amplification components, but speakers, sources, power supplies, turntables, and racks or cabinet solutions. These discs allow your Hi-Fi system to operate to its maxium potential!

These isolation discs are used in our store and allowed systems to give a more realistic stereo image and depth of sound stage. Amazing value for money when compared to other product price jumps to get the same effect.