Gryphon Apex Stereo Power Amplifier

By Gryphon

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Since its introduction in 2022, Apex has been hailed as the finest power amplifier ever created. Critics and connoisseurs have universally praised its combination of shattering power and sublime delicacy; its ability to drive any loudspeaker balanced with unimpeachable tonal neutrality. It has always been Gryphon’s mission to achieve the highest possible audio performance in terms of sheer musicality, transparency and realism. With Apex Mono and Apex Stereo, Gryphon Audio Designs has elevated pure Class A power amplification a titanic leap above what was previously considered possible. Gryphon Apex takes us several significant steps closer in the quest for the most natural and convincing musical illusion.

Years of experience developing Antileon EVO and Mephisto, as well as ongoing research in the fields of circuit topology, component quality and reliability have culminated in Apex: the new flagship amplifier from Gryphon Audio Designs.

The Drive

As with the engine of an exotic sports car, Apex was designed to deliver nearly limitless power coupled with breathtaking finesse. Like Gioacchino Columbo, author of Ferrari’s iconic V12 engines, Apex designer Tom Moeller was charged with no less a task than creating a legend: an amplifier with virtually no limitations regarding performance, size or cost.

Apex’ material specifications illustrate its state-of-the-art design: Each Apex chassis features a complement of 64 very high-current bipolar output transistors (128 per Mono pair), 1,040,000 μF capacitor banks (>Farad/pair), two bespoke 2,000 VA toroidal transformers (four/pair), all housed in a magnificently wrought, constrained-layer-damped chassis. Apex Stereo tips the scales at 450 pounds, while a pair of Apex Mono weigh-in at 900 pounds!

Pure Class A operation has, since we introduced the DM100 in 1991, always been a Gryphon hallmark, because no other circuit topology can match its sonic perfection; however, TRUE, PURE CLASS A means heavy transformers, very large heatsinks, large quantities of expensive parts and costly assembly. Apex Stereo takes Class A to new heights with an unprecedented 210 Class A Watts per channel (RMS into 8 Ohms, up to 1800 WRMS into one Ohm) giving Apex owners mastery of any speaker load and volume level.

Given the massive power reserves available at all times, Gryphon Apex amplifiers simply do not “see” the loudspeaker; in other words, Apex’ virtually limitless reservoir of power and current renders it immune to loudspeaker characteristics. No speaker load, no matter how reactive, can affect Apex’ performance. This means that Apex always delivers its ultimate sound quality, regardless of loudspeaker choice. What’s more, unlike other high-power amplifiers, Gryphon’s no-compromise, pure Class A topology offers this prodigious power combined with ultimate refinement and delicacy in musical presentation.

It is Gryphon’s fundamental philosophy that all electronics in the playback chain should strive for neutrality, neither adding nor subtracting anything from the recording, no matter how “pleasing” such distortions may be. The Gryphon Apex is by nature a product for the fortunate few who can afford such a statement: a product for the connoisseurs who seek absolute purity in the reproduction of music. In short, Apex has been created for music lovers whose respect for the musicians, producers and mastering engineers inspires them to seek the truth lurking in the original recording.

Eternal Beauty

Founded by a fashion designer, Gryphon has always believed that components built to convey the beauty of music should themselves be beautiful, designed to stand as visual as well as sonic artworks in the most luxurious surroundings. Exquisitely wrought from the finest materials available, Apex’ deep black, “Nordic Noir” aluminum chassis incorporates advanced constrained-layer-damping technologies to optimize resonance, while the specification of non-magnetic materials virtually eliminates electrical interference. At once both gorgeous and highly efficient, Apex utilizes over-specified heat sinks to ensure stable operating temperatures and long, trouble-free lifespan. New and proprietary Gryphon speaker terminals—which debuted on Apex—accept bare wire, spade lugs, banana connectors and combine aesthetic beauty with extreme functionality.

In every design and construction aspect, Apex is designed to be cherished and appreciated for a lifetime. It is an amplifier whose performance is unlikely to be surpassed. Ever. Experience Apex and we’re sure you’ll agree.