Grandview Ultimate Recessed Ceiling Screen


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Key Features

 Patented Spring-Sealed system

 Aluminium decoration board

 Heavy-Duty tubular motor

 Control the screen with 12V trigger from your projector, RS232 commands or IP LAN Control

Grandview Ultimate Recessed Motorised In-Ceiling Projection Screens dimensions

The Grandview Recessed Motorised Screen is designed to be beautifully unobtrusive. Featuring an aluminium decoration board it suits a sleek environment where keeping the screen hidden and tidy is of the utmost importance. There are many options for controlling the screen - you can choose between the included remote control a 12V trigger from your projector; or integrate with a control system using RS232 commands or IP LAN Control.

Grandview Ultimate Recessed Motorised In-Ceiling Projection Screens - features


Casing Separation Technology

To reduce the vibration and noise, we provide a revolutionary solution by separating the casing and re-connect it through rubber link, the operation noise is less than 60dB.

Casing Separation Technology


Simplified Structure

With more simplified design targeting projection screens with size smaller than 120”(16:9), the Ultimate Recessed screen has a decoration ceiling panel that is just 135mm wide, which is 20% than Premium Recessed model. The minimum installation height is just 120mm which is 52% less.

Simplified Structure


Light Weight Design

Using the enhanced casing and roller made of aluminum alloy, the screen is durable and much lighter, take 120”(16:9) for example, the net weight is just 19.2Kg which is 39% less than Premium Recessed model.

Light Weight Design



Aspect Ratio

Viewing Size
(W×H) mm
Total Length

16:9 Aspect Ratio

85" 16:9 1880 x 1060 2025
92" 16:9 2030 x 1145 2352
102" 16:9 2260 x 1270 2578
112" 16:9 2480 x 1395 2799
120" 16:9 2655 x 1495 2976
130" 16:9 2880 x 1620 3188
138" 16:9 3048 x 1715