Grandview GPSC Series Motorised Projector Lift


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Key Features

 12kg Max weight capacity; 1,000mm Max drop

 440x180x480mm Maximum projector dimension

 Stable operation; Electronic travel positioning

 Integrated cable management

 Overload protection & easy maintenance


Grandview Recessed Ceiling Mount Slim Motorised Projector Lift

* projector not included


Slim Motorized Projector Lift

X-arm projector ultra-thin electric elevator, for the new generation of projector electric elevator products, in line with international standards.Special use of small and medium-sized projectors and installation space of small environment design, such as: meeting room, training room, multimedia classroom and other places

The elevator USES x-type composite mechanical arm to lift and lower, stable operation, electronic travel positioning, one-key setting, simple operation. The hidden installation design can be integrated with the ceiling after being closed.Long-term service life design, easy maintenance and overload protection design to prevent extreme overload, effectively avoid the danger caused by extreme overload

* the size of the projector is the recommended size for reference only. The actual size shall prevail.



  • Product Dimensions (mm): 600×600×215
  • Net Weight (kg): 20
  • Max Projector Dimensions (With Wire And Lens)(mm): 480x180x480
  • Max Load (kg): 12
  • Power (w): 50
  • Max Travel (mm): 1000
  • Precision (mm): <2mm
  • Noice (dB): ≤55dB
  • Voltage (v): 220V/110V
  • jib attachment(mm): 360x220
  • Decorative Plate Dimensions (mm): 600x600
  • Ceiling Opening Dimensions (mm): 590x590
  • Angle Adjustments Up/Down/Left/Right: 1° / 8° / 4° / 4°
  • Dry Contact (Y/N): Yes
  • Wireless Control (Y/N): Yes