Grandview Edge Acoustically Transparent Screen


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Key Features

 12mm Bezel, Aluminum Frame

 Multi-Point Tension Design

 Lightweight design

 Available with acoustic weave fabric

 Easy Installation


Grandview Edge Premium 12mm Bezel Fixed Frame Projection Screens


Edge Series Fixed Frame Screen With Accoustically Woven Transparent Fabric

As projection technology has advanced, the ability to project into a precise space has become the norm. Thus, it is no longer mandatory for a wider frame to be used to absorb offset projections. With that, Grandview's Edge Series Fixed-Frame screens offer another beautifully designed option to its collection. With a frame that only measures 12mm in width, it's designed to maximize your viewing experience while minimizing installation space.


Image size
(Diagonal) inch

Aspect Ratio Image size 
(W x H) mm
Frame Size 
16:9 Aspect Ratio


120" 2656 x 1494 2816 x 1654 14.2
130" 2880 x 1615 3040 x 1775 14.9
140" 3099 x 1742
3259 x 1902 15.3
150" 3320 x 1868 3480 x 2028 15.5