Amina ALF 120 Discreet In Wall Subwoofer

By Amina


Utilising a highly efficient Distributed Transmission Line design, the ALF120 is the perfect discreet subwoofer for installation into walls, ceilings or cabinetry. This passive subwoofer is capable of reproducing frequencies down to 24Hz at an incredible 111dB from just 50W, all with excellent accuracy, low group delay and minimal distortion. Only 118mm deep and porting through a slot designed to vent discreetly through an opening in the skirting board, the DTL design allows for easy installation into standard cavities while giving incredible sonic performance. In order to protect the subwoofer once installed and to help achieve accurate audio integration into the audio system, the ALF120 must be used with a DSP amplifier or separate processor.

Example Applications

ALF120 subwoofer installs straight into cavity walls, ceiling voids or furniture with a minimum cavity depth of 121mm, porting directly into the room through a slot vent which is to be cut in skirting board, ceiling or cabinetry as per installation guide. Port location may be adjusted to allow for an ‘end-fire’ installation, specifically designed to allow the ALF120 to be installed flat, into furniture.


Specification ALF120
Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms
Power Handling (continuous/peak) 50W/50W
Sensitivity (@1m/2.83Vrms) 93dB (half space)
Frequency Response (-6dB) 24Hz - 120Hz 48dB/oct. DSP bandpass
MaxSPL 108dB @ 1m (half space)
Electrical Connection 3-way binding post (4mm plug, spade or bare wire)
Dimensions 1605mm x 345mm x 118mm (633/16” x 131/2” x 43/4”)
Product Weight 17.5kg (38lb 91/4oz)
Port Locations Front or end-fire location options
Port Slot Dimensions 308mm x 14mm (12” x 9/16”)
DSP Requirements HPF & LPF (LR 48dB/oct.), 3 bands PEQ, Voltage limiting
Warranty 3 years (void if used without DSP protection)
Datasheet ALF120 Datasheet