Van Den Hul "The D-102" V Special XLR Balanced Interconnect


Brand Van Den Hul

Our successful D - 102 series of screened twin core special quality audio interconnects exists since 1982 and after many upgrades its current members are the D - 102 III HYBRID and the D - 102 V Special.

The D - 102 V Special is a version in which extra heavy measures have been taken to protect the cable’s excellent transmission qualities against degradation over time in harsh environments;

Environmental / air-borne chemical agents, which after years of permanent exposure would be able to attack the cable’s high purity Matched Crystal OFC strands through their dense defensive Silver coating are blocked by three barriers:

  • From a chemical viewpoint the D - 102 V Special’s HULLIFLEX ® material jacket is virtually impenetrable.
  • The two inner cores are protected by an extra thick solid insulation.
  • The high purity Matched Crystal OFC core strands furthermore are protected by an extra thick high purity dense defensive Silver coating.
As such the D - 102 V Special is especially intended for use as a screened twin core (balanced and unbalanced) audio line in areas with an increased corrosion activity such as industrial, coastal and humid tropical areas. 

Due to its maximum corrosion protection The D - 102 V Special is excellently suited for use in permanent professional, commercial and industrial distribution setups such as church sound systems and shopping mall, airport, PA, marine and alike music distribution systems as well as for car hi-fi.

As with all cabling in corrosive environments, proper care should be paid to seal all cable ends against air penetration; (contaminated) air tends to flow in and out of cables due to each day’s temperature variations.

Sonically this cable is a great product with a well balanced overall quality. There is no harshness and the spatial reproduction is superior.
The extra protective measures taken assure that these properties remain even in hot, wet and salty areas.

Both D - 102 V Special’s cores are made of 42 high purity extra thick dense Silver coated high purity Matched Crystal OFC strands with an effective cross-section area of 0.56 mm² equalling AWG 19.7 and exhibiting a resistance of 3.1 Ohm per 100 m. The core-core capacitance is a low 61.5 pF per m.
The screening consists of a 120 strand braid over an specially treated reinforced helical aluminium foil winding and is 100% closed. The resistance of the screen is 0.81 Ohm per 100 m. 

All extra protective measures taken in the D - 102 V Special’s design render it to be less flexible than its relative the D - 102 III HYBRID. 
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