The Vinyl Record Cleaning Company's RECORD RESTORE! Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid



Spread on, peel off vinyl record cleaner and restorer.

RECORD RESTORE! is the premium vinyl record cleaner and restorer, achieving results beyond that of alternative cleaners, methods and machines for records of unknown provenance or those bearing the dust and grime of ages past:

  • increased signal to noise ratio
  • improved noise floor
  • highly effective for restoring the fidelity of long stored record collections and records of unknown provenance
  • eliminates and provides lasting protection against static electricity

RECORD RESTORE! is a proprietary formulation of The Vinyl Record Cleaning Company designed to dissolve the mixture of dust, dirt, grime and binder substances commonly found in a vinyl record groove.

Contaminants in record grooves include all manner of oils and fats, finger grease, mould and mould spores, particulate matter such as stylus dust (ie diamond dust) and airborne dust. RECORD RESTORE! emulsifies and breaks down the binders which hold this soiling to the record. Once the binders are broken down the soiling is dissolved into solution. This solution - or slurry - dries to a pliable skin, sealing in the trapped impurities. The skin is then peeled off for a 100% clean.

Pack Sizes & Coverage*:

500 ml - 62 twelve inch vinyl records

210 ml - 26 twelve inch vinyl records

*when used with the VRC System Kit, achieve application rates of 12.5 x 12" records per 100ml of RECORD RESTORE! slightly less for manual application.