The Chord Company Crimson VEE 3 RCA Interconnects


Brand The Chord Company

Crimson VEE 3 is a perfect example of The Chord Company's focus on quality. Throughout our long standing history in the Hi-Fi industry, we have always concentrated on making the best sounding interconnect we can for the money. Crimson VEE3 benefits greatly from all of the development work we do across our range of cables. Prime examples of this are the shielding used, the quality of conductor material and obviously the VEE 3 plug itself, nothing is skimped on. 

Whatever your system and whatever components you need to connect, the Crimson VEE 3 is the perfect introduction to the Chord family of products. Despite being the least expensive interconnects in our range, Crimson VEE 3 cables reflect all the design and build qualities of our far more expensive products. Genuinely involving music begins here.

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