Quadraspire Sunoko-Vent T Hi-Fi Rack Custom Shelf



**ATTENTION** This is the price per shelf!  Colours subject to availability - enquire first if you're in a rush!

Quadraspire goes further from strength to strength with the launch of the new Sunoko-Vent T that will revolutionise your system. The new SVT version is very different from the original although looks the same at a glance, our improved design dissipates vibration away from the electronics and through concave aluminium columns delivers a clearer, cleaner musical performance. Each Sunoko-Vent T shelf is 25mm (1”) thick and is made from real wood veneered mdf and can hold equipment up to 120 kilos in weight whilst the slotted shelves keep mass low and provide maximum ventilation for the equipment.

  • Shelf finishes: Natural Cherry, Black, Maple, Oak & Dark Oak (Wenger)
  • Column heights: 100, 140, 180, 216, 256, 300 & 326mm
  • Column diameter: 32mm
  • Column finishes: black or silver
  • Weight capacity: 120kg per shelf
  • Dimensions: 590mm (W) x 470mm (D)


For example, if you need a 4 shelf stand with a 216mm section, and 2 x 140mm sections in Black then you would select:

1. 216mm section in either black or silver and the shelf finish you desire (eg. dark cherry), add to cart then choose to continue shopping.

2. Find the Sunoko-Vent T again and select a 140mm section in matching colour scheme, use quantity selector and select 2, add to cart then once again choose to continue shopping.

3. Finally, find the Sunoko-Vent T listing again and this time select "feet" from the column height drop-down menu and add to cart before continuing to check out!