Sunfire SDS12

$1,399 $1,299

Brand Sunfire

The most powerful of the family, the SDS-12 delivers all the dynamics found in your most demanding material. At home in larger rooms, the SDS-12 delivers 600W of peak power from Sunfire's Class-D digital amplification, while sipping merely a half a watt in standby. Sunfire's exclusive FFDTM technology is standard, delivering the spectral balance required to reproduce the finest musical detail found in your favorite BluRay and DVDs, as well as high fidelity music sources. Whether it's chest-pounding special effects or delicate musical notes, the SDS-12 delivers a true experience where others fall flat.

- Woofer: 12" Front firing active woofer, down firing passive radiator

- Amplifier Power Output: 300W RMS / 600W Peak

- Soft Clipping Circuitry

- Auto Turn-On

- Level Control

- Crossover Adjustment 30-150Hz inf. var.

- Crossover Bypass

- Phase Adjustment: 0-180° inf. var.

- RCA Inputs/Outputs

- Gold Plated Connections

- Detachable Power Cord

- Black Ash Finish 

- Black Grille 

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