Sunfire SDS10

$1,099 $999

Brand Sunfire

When you want to experience more from your movies and music, the SDS-10 steps up to deliver peak power output of 500W using a 10" custom Sunfire driver that is mated to a 10" down-firing radiator. Twice the woofers for twice the bass! The SDS-10 incorporates Sunfire's wide-band, energy efficient Class D amplifier and produces twice the output of its smaller sibling - while only consuming a half a watt in standby. Sunfire's exclusive FFDTM technology results in superior fidelity, higher output and with lower distortion than the competition.

- Design Woofer 

- 10" Front firing active woofer, down firing passive radiator

- Amplifier Power Output 250W RMS / 500W Peak

- Soft Clipping Circuitry 

- Auto Turn-On 

- Level Control 

- Crossover Adjustment 30-150Hz inf. var.

- Crossover Bypass 

- Phase Adjustment 0-180° inf. var.

- RCA Inputs/Outputs

- Gold Plated Connections 

- Detachable Power Cord 

- Black Ash Finish 

- Black Grille 

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