Sonus Faber Pryma 01


Brand Sonus Faber

Design and functionality

These headphones are not only extremely tasteful but also made in absolutely perfect and luxurious way. The story starts from a package. The hard box opens like a small suitcase. In one part, you will find headphones divided into two earpads and headband, lying under a layer of foam in separate embossing. The second part is a drawer with accessories. The only missing thing is a mirror so that we could see ourselves with our new headphones on. In the drawer, you can find all the documents, a cable and three bags - two small and one large. Why? Because we can change the appearance of the equipment whenever we want. Pryma headphones are available in four different colors - white earpads with brown headband and silver metal elements; black earpads and headband with gold ornaments; black earpads and headband with silver detail, and burgundy headband and earpads with copper metal elements. The latter has been delivered to our office and is shown on pictures. But four options is nothing... What if the owner is bored with the black headband? No problem - it will be possible to buy another headband in the company's online store or in the showrooms. Other earpads will also be available. Elements can be configured freely and this is very easy - you just need to slide the end of the headband through the buckle, insert the pin into one of the four holes and lock it by turning the tip by 90 degrees. Likewise, you can change the leather-covered cushions - they are attached magnetically, so changing them is a piece of cake. The company is preparing other color versions - earcups will be available in the carbon fiber version. Perhaps we will also see some results of collaboration with companies like Prada or Zegna? Who knows... But I guess that for people strongly interested in fashion, these headphones will now be the new 'must have'. Sébastien Loeb, Cedric Gervais and Paris Hilton have already posed some photos with them.

Let's move on to the quality and comfort. I must admit that at first I was concerned, for two reasons. Firstly, I have a big head and I wear most of the handphones spread to the max. Adjusting the distance of the earpads by four holes didn't seem like a very wise option. Fortunately I was wrong, because after clicking on the last hole, the size turned out to be perfect for me. Maybe I was lucky. For example, I do not know what would happen if I decided that the size between the third and fourth hole would be ideal for me. We can't rely on the flexibility of the headband because the softening foam layer in it is very thin. Similarly to Sennheiser Momentum model, it is quite a rigid slat covered with leather, without the 3-cm layer of foam. The second reason is the potential size of the earpads. And here again, I was lucky, because cushions covered my ears perfectly, but I note that I have rather standard or even small ears.

As for quality - it is the worldwide, high-end class. No one can deny that Sonus Faber took care of materials and how they were finished. As you can watch the speakers of this brand with great pleasure, it could not be otherwise with the headphones. Prymas are perfect, and simply beautiful. In the pictures, they present themselves wonderfully, but you really have to touch them to understand their beauty. The mounting of the earpads is very pleasant. When you look under the pads, you will see the drivers behind the protective foil, magnets for attaching pads, screws, a serial number, and the interesting detail under the clips - the engraved inscription - 'Fatto a mano give Sonus Faber Italia'. As Luca Vernaccia explained to us, the idea was to emphasize the fact that the product has been made by hand in Italy. Why is not the standard 'Made in...'? Well, because this text is in English, and why would the Italians apply English subtitles for their products? It is also worth mentioning that the metal frame of the earpads was prepared by the company that provides metal parts for iPhones. Bottega Veneta was responsible for the finishing of the headband - it is a manufacturer of high-performance apparel, leather goods, and cosmetics. So if somebody says that Prymas are expensive, ask them to check the prices of wallets of this brand - they shall quickly change their mind.

Disadvantages? I do not quite understand the solution with a circle on the cable. I didn't find out what was the idea of the designers, but I think I would prefer a standard cable with a remote control. Of course, both cables are plugged to the earpads because they are not permanently attached to the headband. The 2.5-mm jacks without any blocking mechanism are the ending. Here I understand it because it is better to unplug the cable for a while after an accidental jolt than to break our headphones or destroy the jack in one pad. For pedants it can be a flaw that while putting the headphones on the desk or table, you can scratch one or the other - the metal edges are in fact the elements in contact with the surface. It's a pity that the manufacturer did not include a hard case, in which the Prymas could be transported. The lack of the 3.5mm to 6.35mm jack adapter is a tiny drawback.

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