SAP Audio Relaxa 750 Magnetic Floating Isolation Platform



Relaxa 750 - The Innovative Floating Board

The S.A.P. audio Relaxa 750 is the flagship model in the latest range of these unique magnetic isolation platforms. Thanks to the custom powerful magnet couples, the Relaxa 750 platform floats in the air, passing no unwanted vibration or resonance in or out of the turntable. The Relaxa isolation platforms are a classic and effective component in any serious hi-fi system.

Key Features

• Flagship model of the Relaxa Floating Board range
• Magnetic suspension isolation platform
• Perfect for turntables, amplifiers, and other full-sized equipment
• Improves performance of sensitive hi-fi equipment
• Floating platform decouples equipment from external disturbances
• Supports equipment weighing up to 50kg
• Effective size 560 x 460 mm (WxD)
• Strong 8mm tempered glass top platform
• Spirit level enables you to adjust for perfect horizontal alignment
• No screws on the surface
• Custom shielded magnets prevent interference
• Originally designed and patented in Italy in 1999 by Silvano Cremonesi 

Everything you need for your high-end system

This suspended turntable platform eliminates the influence of external vibrations across all frequencies. Deep bass frequencies may shake furniture but are stopped at the base of this platform. Thanks to its zero-contact design, the Relaxa floating platform is more effective than any other isolation solution available today. The strong magnetic field from the built-in magnets is directed along the vertical axis, and any residual magnetic energy is confined within the housing of the magnets.

This magnetic "levitating" system reliably suspends the platform even with a heavy turntable on top. The working load is very wide, supporting turntables weighing 3kg up to 50kg. The top platform of the Relaxa 750 is made of tempered glass. This rigid material provides prolonged support for heavy hi-fi equipment.

To compensate for uneven equipment loads, the horizontal level may be adjusted simply by turning the magnets housing and checked with the supplied level gauge. A spirit level is supplied so you can ensure the platform is set perfectly, enabling your turntable to perform its absolute best.

S.A.P. Audio

The place where Design and Technology are one. S.A.P. Audio are an Italian manufacturer and the team behind the Relaxa line of floating platforms. The Relaxa range was originally designed and patented in Italy in 1999 by Silvano Cremonesi, who is still the Chief Designer and Director of S.A.P. Audio.