Quadraspire Q4L (Large) Evo Hi-Fi Stand Custom Shelf


Brand Quadraspire

**ATTENTION** This is the price per shelf!  Colours subject to availability - enquire first if you're in a rush!

Q4EVO is a major upgrade of our original Q4 rack that was originally launched in 1995. The Q4EVO is a practical modular solution combining shelves with aluminium columns and feet to enhance your sound system both sonically and visually. Its flexibility allows you to build the rack to your own specification to fit any number of components. The Q4EVO is the same as the original Q4 rack except for some intricate machining on the underside of the shelf which will give improved performance – “the cheapest rack here gives our kit a cohesive sound with a well-balanced treble, taut and expressive bass and a supple and emotive midrange” What hifi November 2009.

To gain maximum performance from your hifi or av system, the furniture you place it on is as equally important as all the other components. Each component & cable is susceptible to electrical & mechanical noise, degrading overall system performance. In theory total isolation is desirable, but in reality impossible.

Quadraspire designs achieve optimum isolation through a combination of distinctive curves and chamfered edges minimising resonance and standing sound waves. Aluminium columns eliminate residual magnetism and the adjustable spiked feet allow efficient floor de-coupling. Real wood-veneered shelves ensure good self-damping properties. Where space is a premium and isolation is a must, use the unique Q4 wall bracket with Q4 shelf.

Shelf finishes: Black, Dark Cherry, Maple, Dark Oak (Wenger), Rosenut, Clear Glass & Sandblasted Glass
  • Special order finish: Oak
  • Column diameter : 19mm
  • Column heights : 100mm, 140mm, 180mm, 216mm, 256mm, 300mm & 326mm
  • Columns finishes : Black & Matt Silver
  • Weight Capacity: 80kg per shelf
  • Dimensions: 590mm (W) x 470mm (D)
  • Standard rack is 4 shelves but individual shelves are available to order


For example, if you need a 4 shelf stand with a 216mm section, and 2 x 140mm sections in dark cherry then you would select:

1. 216mm section in either black or silver and the shelf finish you desire (eg. dark cherry), add to cart then choose to continue shopping.

2. Find the Q4EVO again and select a 140mm section in matching colour scheme, use quantity selector and select 2, add to cart then once again choose to continue shopping.

3. Finally, find the Q4EVO listing again and this time select "feet" from the column height drop-down menu and add to cart before continuing to check out!

If all of this sounds too confusing just call or email and we can organise it for you!




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