Pro-Ject Align It PRO Cartridge Alignment Tool

$224 $249
By Project

High-Precision Cartridge Alignment Tool

Align it PRO gives you access a totally unique and effective workflow that makes aligning cartridges incredibly fast and efficient.

The Only Alignment Tool You Need

You can set the Align it PRO up for the exact length of your tonearm and fix it to the center of your tonearm bearing. For Pro-Ject tonearms, the fixing rod has two sides. A pointed end - excellent for any type of tonearm or bearing, and a second flat end, which fits exactly into the center screw of our higher-end tonearms and their bearings (X1, X2, and Classic Evo).

For beginners or pros, the Align it PRO comes with detailed instructions and background knowledge to equip you with all the information you need to maximise your vinyl playback.