PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium EL34


Brand PrimaLuna

  • Innovative, new Adaptive AutoBias circuitry. By simply flipping a switch, users can re-calibrate the amp for optimum operation of EL34s or KT88s. And remember, this circuit continuously monitors and adjusts each tube to run in its sweet spot. No biasing—ever!
  • Home theatre pass-through. Straight from the critically-acclaimed DiaLogue Series, this direct-line circuitry means less noise and coloration over unity gain circuits.
  • New output and power transformers. Modelled after those in the DiaLogue Series, these heavy-duty, high-efficiency transformers offer better control over challenging speaker loads, as well as increased detail and musicality.
  • New front-end circuitry. Optimised to use two 12AU7 tubes per channel. Thanks to the improved transformers, the amp produces lower distortion.
  • Full-function remote. Slim, anodised aluminium remote that controls volume, mute, and source selection, as well as Play/pause and Stop/eject functions of the new ProLogue Premium CD Player.
  • Conservative design parameters. Though PrimaLuna amplifiers are powerful, tubes run well below their maxim ratings.
  • PrimaLuna upgraded KT88 tetrode tubes (optional) The main difference between these and the EL34 tubes is that KT88s are capable of a significantly higher power output, which sonically translates to a more defined sound at low and high ends, as well as a tighter, cleaner sound overall.

Next, the ProLogue Premium Series introduces four innovative circuits that protect the amp at every level:

  • BTI-circuit. BTI stands for "Bad Tube Indicator." On the chassis’ deck in front of each power tube, there is a small LED that lights up if the tube goes bad. This circuit works hand-in-hand with the new Adaptive Auto-Bias circuit.
  • PTP-circuit. If the power transformer should overheat, this "Power Transformer Protection" circuit cuts primary power, allows the amp to cool down, then resets itself.
  • OTP-circuit. The "Output Transformer Protection" circuit protects the output transformers in the event of a massive tube failure or user error.
  • +B relay. Replaces the plate fuse and works in conjunction with the OTP-circuit to protect the amp against tube failure. This method is less intrusive sonically and the relay resets itself once the faulty tube is replaced.

As with all PrimaLuna components, the ProLogue Premium Integrated is made by hand with the finest point-to-point wiring and quality equal to—or better than—any product you can buy at any price. Built using premium parts featuring: ceramic tube sockets; Solen and Nichicon capacitors; WBT-style solid core speaker terminals; ALPS Blue Velvet volume control; gold-plated RCA jacks; toroidal power transformer. All packaged in a high-gloss, hand-rubbed finish.


Output: 36 watts x 2 with EL34, 40 watts x 2 with KT88

Frequency Response: 20Hz-30kHz +/- 0.5dB

THD: Less than 1% at full power

S/N Ratio: 89 dB

Input Sensitivity: 300mV

Power Consumption: 300 watts

Dimensions: 36.8 x 20.3 x 39.4 cm (WxHxD)

Weight: 21 Kg

Inputs: 4 pair RCA / 1 pair HT bypass

Outputs: 4 and 8 Ohm speaker taps

Tube Compliment: 4 - 12AU7, 4 - KT88

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