Meridian G65 Digital Surround Processor



G65 Surround Controller

Perfect for any high performance theatre

Forming the heart of a powerful and flexible Meridian home theatre system, G65 is a highly flexible Surround Controller, featuring many of Meridian’s key technologies such as Meridian Room Correction (MRC) while combining high performance, connectivity and ease of use.

When partnered with the UHD722, the G65 features a comprehensive input capability to accommodate the widest range of audio and video sources. Equipped with SpeakerLink and balanced analogue outputs, the G65 is equally at home in Meridian Digital Theatres and with analogue loudspeaker-based systems.

Key Features

A 7.1 Surround Controller with class leading audio fidelity - Meridian Room Correction for perfect sound in any room. A Linear Power Supply ensures superb performance on both analogue and digital systems. Multiple outputs which enable the creation of both passive and DSP based systems from the same Surround Controller. Re-clocking of the digital audio signal removes timing errors for superior clarity and resolution. We are the masters of Digital Signal Processing.

  • Technologies
    With its extensive Research and Development programme Meridian has pioneered the development of a host of innovative audio technologies many of which feature in today’s Meridian products.
  • Meridian Room Correction (MRC)
    Room shape, size, furnishing and loudspeaker positions all influence the sound of any system. The result is often uneven sound - low frequencies are too loud in some places and too quiet in others. Meridian's Room Correction system uses powerful DSP to smooth out uneven room resonances for clearer sound and better imaging.
  • SpeakerLink
    Traditional audio systems often require large, expensive cables to maintain their performance. Meridian's SpeakerLink uses an “Ethernet style” cable that delivers pristine digital sound and control down a single cable between Meridian components. The result is simple, unobtrusive, and cost-effective cables that are easy to install
  • FIFO Buffering
    Each sample of a digital recording must remain evenly spaced in time. Unfortunately, timing can vary, especially when reading discs. This is “jitter”, degrading music's sense of space and diminishing realism. Meridian's multiple “First In, First Out” buffering system minimises jitter, ensuring perfect timing and improved clarity. You enjoy a clearer feeling of the instruments and their interrelationship.
  • Smart Source
    Music, movies and other sources each need their own settings to play correctly. Usually you have to select the right settings yourself. A Meridian system, however, analyses the incoming content and automatically selects the correct group of settings – we call them presets – for the source. You just sit back and enjoy the experience.
  • Meridian Apodising Filter
    Filters are critical in digital audio. Commonly they introduce distortion and harshness because of "pre-ringing". Early digital recordings suffer from harshness too, due to primitive filters. After painstaking research, Meridian developed a special filter that avoids pre-ringing, so it can be steeper, cleaning up the effects of early filters. The result: a better, cleaner sound from recordings old and new.
    Uses a complex digital filter to double the rate of samples from the source to improve resolution of the finer details in the record. This means that even with a standard source such as CD using our upsampling technology we are able to significantly enhance the listening experience.
    A patented Meridian audio format that combines high bandwidth, security and low jitter. MHR gets the highest possible sound quality in playback systems that use Meridian and enables the encoded transmission of PCM, MQA and DSD.


 AUDIO INPUTS 1x MMHR (Meridian Multichannel High Resolution™) 6-channel input designed to receive audio from the Meridian UHD722 HDMI processor

2x SpeakerLink (RJ45) inputs for connection to Meridian products

6x S/PDIF digital (coax), D1–D3 can be configured as a six-channel digital input with Meridian MHR SmartLink

2x Toslink S/PDIF optical inputs

8x analogue stereo inputs, (phono). A1–A3 can be configured as x1 six-channel analogue input. 0.5–2.5Vrms adjustable, input impedance 20kΩ



8x SpeakerLink digital (RJ45): L, R, C, Sub, Side L, Side R, Rear L, Rear R

8x analogue balanced (XLR): Main L, Main R, Side L, Side R, Rear L, Rear R, Centre, Sub


2x Legacy Meridian Comms (DIN), 1x 12V Trigger, 1x IR in for G12 receiver, USB & RS232 remote control/configuration


5x Freescale processors running at 750 MIPS (million instructions per second). 48-bit arithmetic throughout.


24-bit Sigma-Delta converter chips operating at up to 96 kHz on analogue inputs and outputs


Multi-character dot-matrix Vacuum Fluorescent Display

Front-panel keys back-illuminated; standby button lit when off



Front-panel soft keys include control of Source, Mute, etc. Power and Display buttons, rotary DSP volume control

Full remote control via MSR+, serial. Serial link or maintenance USB port used for firmware updates

Config via serial or front panel wizard


1x RJ45 with balanced digital audio and control for 2nd loudspeaker. Carries infra-red pickup for system automation.



 Include Direct, Stereo, Music, Trifield, Ambisonics (2-ch UHJ & ≤3-ch B-Format; 4 – 7 speaker decode), Super Stereo, MusicLogic, PLIIx Music, PLIIx Movie, PLIIx THX, TV Logic, Mono, Discrete, Cinema, THX, THX Music, THX Surround EX, THX Ultra2 Cinema and Meridian Room Correction



 HEIGHT: 90mm [3.54in]
WIDTH: 440mm [17.32in]
DEPTH: 350mm [13.78in] plus connectors
WEIGHT: 10kg [22lbs]


Linear power supply with true toroidal transformer, 50–60Hz, 40W, 120V & 230V



 Kit available from Meridian authorised dealers