McIntosh C48


Brand McIntosh

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With unprecedented flexibility and control, C48 redefines what a value preamp should be. Moving coil and Moving Magnet Phono sections combine with assignable digital inputs in the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary music sources. In C48 Dedicated USB input allows access to computer sourced music. Five band programmable tone controls allow personalized music correction. McIntosh C48 Audio Preamplifier ranks you at the very top among discriminating music listeners.

  • C48 is the ultimate McIntosh preamplifier value, bridging the two worlds of conventional analog stereo source with the latest digital music sources.
  • Offers control of 8 analog sources including phono cartridges, plus 4 additional programmable digital inputs and one dedicated USB computer music input.
  • Unique features include home theater pass through, amplifier meter light control and RS232 software upgradability.
  • Five band tone controls that may be actively programmed by input, moving coil and moving magnet phono sections are fully adjustable from the remote control volume control.


  • Frequency Response:
    • +0, -0.5dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
    • +0, -3.0dB from 15Hz to 100kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.002% maximum from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Rated Output Voltage:
    • Unbalanced Outputs 1 & 2: 2.5Vrms
    • Balanced Outputs 1 & 2: 5 Vrms
  • Maximum Voltage Output:
    • Unbalanced Outputs 1 & 2: 8 Vrms
    • Balanced Outputs 1 & 2: 16 Vrms
  • Overall Dimensions (W x H x D): 44.45cm x 15.24cm including feet x 45.72cm including the front panel, knobs and cables
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Inverted Double-Chassis Design: All analog signals and amplification are nestled into the top section, protected from any noise generated by the power supply or digital circuits that are contained in the bottom section. This achieves the performance of a dual-box component with the convenience of a single-chassis component and provides for ultra-short cabling between sections.
  • Silent Electromagnetic Switching: Signal routing is accomplished through digital controlled electromagnetic switching devices. Precision switch contact, isolated from environmental contamination inside inert gas-filled tubes, provide the most reliable, quietest and lowest distortion
    switching possible.
  • VRV (Variable Rate Volume) Digital Controlled Attenuator: The output attenuator controls volume over 214 steps of 0.5dB each with accuracy within 0.1dB. The volume vs. rotation rate varies as preamplifier gain varies and attenuation changes occur at the zero crossings of the audio signal to prevent audible artifacts during adjustment.
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