Loewe Bild 7.65 - 65inch OLED TV


Brand Loewe


Made in Germany since 1923, LOEWE has come along way to now providing the largest OLED TV experience.
2 Year In-Home Warranty comes complimentary with the New LOEWE, their design and build quality has come unsurpassed, with ooze of style and class.
LOEWE - There is NO TV like it . Experience it now.



Vanta Vision - magic black
Latest OLED-Technology and picture editing with deepest black by software. So that colors shine like never before.
Nothing is blacker than black. In the full sense of the word. The OLED technology produces images from self-luminous pixels, organic light-emitting diodes. Unlike LCDs, they do not need a backlight. They're off. They're black. Taking less than a microsecond to react. From very bright to the darkest night. Rapid movements come alive with a vitality never seen before. Uncompromising. With perfect picture quality. VantaVision is based on discoveries in nanoscience. The blackest substance that has ever been produced is called Vantablack® (Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array). It is made from tiny carbon tubular particles, which reflect light very weakly, absorbing it completely. Vantablack is used to calibrate space telescopes, camouflage satellites and has also created a completely new dimension for the visual arts. All of this inspired and motivated Loewe. To develop a completely new way to watch television. VantaVision.

Normal Television is Yesterdays News. Vanta Vision is Now.
VantaVision, a completely new dimension of television viewing. With a visual power never seen before, the new way to watch television coaxes fascinating details from the very darkest of scenes. Dips blazing brightness into a sea of colourful shades. Breathes deep & rich vibrancy into natural colours. The secret is a pure black. The perfect stage for razor-sharp contrasts. With a picture quality that allows no compromises. The new viewing experience, combining state-of-the art OLED technology and picture processing software, is called Loewe VantaVision.

Big pictures,big screen.
For true cinema enthusiasts, Loewe bild 7 is now also available in a spectacular 65-inch format with a screen diagonal of 165 cm – an exceptional cinematic experience at home. Now, the only thing that is missing is popcorn.



Position your Loewe bild 7 wherever you wish, thanks to the rotating table stand.


Mounted on the wall, the television can be rotated or angled.


Made from aluminium and with concealed cable management, it can be rotated by 45 degrees.


Easy recording.

Stop, record, access it or take it with you. You decide what's on thanks to the built-in functions in Loewe bild 7.


Wireless sound.

With your Bluetooth headphones you can receive sounds straight from your Loewe bild 7. Be it the current TV program, a streamed film or your favourite music.


More than 40 million songs.

The TIDAL app on your home screen will give you direct access to the streaming portal, so you can enjoy your favourite music in high-fidelity-quality.

Uncompromising picture quality.
Thanks to Dolby Vision, bild 7 delivers brilliant high-dynamic range images (HDR) with an unexpected depth and an unbelievable colour spectrum (wide colour gamut). An eye-catching effect. Doesn't matter whether you immerse yourself in picturesque landscapes or in the final frontier. Dolby Vision ensures that films are shown as the filmmakers intended.

BILD 7 is not your normal TV its the Best TV.

Quick Specifications
ize           - 65inch / 164cm Diagonal
Resolution - 3840x2160 pixels (WRGB) / 4K Ultra HD / DOLBY Vision / HDR 10 / HLG / IMAGE+ACTIVE / 800cd/m2
Display      - OLED ULTRA Super Resolution HD/24 P Super Motion Panel / Vanta Vision Black with Nano Technology
Tuner         - DVB-T2 Multi-Standard with Dual Channel / with 1TB Recording Built In. HD.
Sound        - 2x60 Watts / Stereo with Acoustic Speaker Concept Bass Reflex/Dolby HD/Dts/Dolby HD 5.1
                     Integrated 5.1 Reciever Built in.
HDMI          - 4 UHD HDMI / Plus 1 HDMI ARC
Data           - Ethernet Lan Port x 1 Plus Wireless Connectivity / Blue Tooth
Power         - 240Volt / (250 kWh Annual Consumption)
Weight        - 25.2kg
Colour         - Black
Dimension - 145.2cm(w) x 86.4cm(h) x 34.5cm(d) (w/stand)

BILD 7.55 and 7.65 Supplied with Table Top Motorised Stand Inc.

Optional Other Stands Available on Special Order Only.
Warranty - 2 Year In Home - LOEWE Authorized.

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