Krix Flix Theatre Speakers Each

By Krix

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High acoustic power

Excellent power handling

Massive dynamic range

These 2 way extreme speakers deliver an incredibly dynamic and effortless performance. Utilising commercial cinema technology, the dual woofer Flix are capable of producing even higher sound pressure levels with pristine fidelity and extremely low distortion.


The Flix are serious main front speakers for a serious dedicated home cinema. Providing exceptionally high acoustic power output over an extremely wide frequency range, with low harmonic distortion and excellent power handling – evident in the third harmonic, in the critical 1kHz – 3kHz speech region.  The smooth response, acoustic power and dynamic range of the Flix are features not often found in one speaker.

The Flix features dual 380mm high stiffness paper cone drivers with 77mm voice coils for increased linear excursion, and powerful, vented magnet assemblies designed for low distortion. Its specially engineered bass driver offers superb bass performance, high peak program power handling and high efficiency – capable of very high sound pressure levels. The massive ferrite magnet structure includes components engineered to achieve maximum efficiency.  Symmetrical gap geometry, combined with large linear voice coil travel, ensures minimum distortion at all levels.

For high frequencies, the Flix features Krix’s patented design, a 90 by 40 short throw horn, delivering optimum dispersion of 90 degrees horizontal and 40 degrees vertical, consistently maintained over the entire working bandwidth. It is driven by a compression driver with a 25mm throat, 32mm edge-wound aluminium voice coil and Nomex former.  The constant directivity means far less sound is reflected off of side walls and ceilings, ensuring sound energy is focused directly at the listening position for better clarity.

The horn assembly is mounted to the bass cabinet with a solid mounting bracket, offering both vertical and horizontal tilt, while the crossover network – housed in the bass cabinet – uses professional grade, close tolerance components, for a smooth frequency response.

For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.


Frequency Range
38Hz-16kHz in room response

Power Handling
1000 Watts RMS recommended maximum amplifier power

101dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre

Nominally 4 Ohms


Enclosure Type
Bass reflex, front vented

Total Dimensions: 1470mm high x 660mm wide x 460mm deep

Low Frequency Drivers
Dual 380mm (15″) high stiffness paper cone drivers with 77mm (3″) voice coil of optimal length for increased linear excursion, wound on high temperature apical former and powerful vented magnet assembly designed for low distortion

High Frequency Driver
A Krix patented designed 90º x 40º short throw horn driven by a compression driver with a 1″ throat 1¾” edge-wound aluminium voice coil and Nomex former

Crossover Point
900Hz passive – contact Krix directly for bi-amped active filter parameters

Input Terminals
200 amp proprietary terminal posts, accepting up to 6mm diameter cable

57kg each