KEF LSX Wireless Bookshelf Speakers



*Please note the K Stream cable is now included at no charge with all the LSX speakers.

 Built upon the same platform as the critically acclaimed KEF LS50 Wireless speakers, the LSX is true to KEF’s founding principles - to create exceptional experiences through excellence in engineering.

The KEF LSX retains the same philosophy as the LS50 Wireless, utilising one amplifier for each driver - two amplifiers totalling 100 watts in each speaker. A streaming preamplifier and DSP section, combined with a new incarnation of KEF’s legendary Uni-Q driver array is nestled within a FEA designed cabinet with a curved front baffle, proudly displaying the unique heritage of the LS50 family.

A Uni-Q Experience

At the heart of LSX’s audio prowess is the new 4” Uni-Q driver array. This is a signature KEF technology continuously developed since 1988. Through precise positioning of the drivers, all frequencies emanate from the same point in space. This is called a point source, working in a similar way to the human voice.

The effect is an amazing spread of sound - no tiny ‘HiFi sweet spot.’ Coupled with an extremely natural response, neither adding nor removing from the original recording, the soul of the music is fully realised by everybody in the room.

Alongside refinements throughout, the main addition is the ribbing of the midrange driver. This strengthens the cone, reducing distortion, leaving behind a purer, more natural sound.

Setting The Stage

Even the cabinet is packed with acoustic benefits:

• The curved front baffle reduces the diffraction effect, meaning any extra sound scattering into the room is drastically reduced.
• The FEA designed cabinet and bracing, alongside constrained layer damping (CLD) reduces resonance of the cabinet
• An FEA designed flared bass port also reduces the ‘chuffing’ effect at higher volumes.
• An almost invisible, yet ingenious heatsink design keeps the system cool, maximising electronic and driver performance.
• All of this contributes by not contributing. Rather, it lets the Uni-Q driver be the sole performer, providing a clear, natural and accurate sound.

Just Add a Source

LS50 Wireless was the ‘biggest small system’ available. Not simply a pair of speakers, it was a total solution, bringing exceptional sound quality in an easy to install package. LSX follows this tradition. The even smaller boxes contain four amplifiers, one for each driver, totaling 100w per speaker, whilst the streaming preamplifier provides a wide range of potential sources, both wired and wireless. 

Play What You Want

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth®

Wirelessly access all the music in the world through Spotify® Connect, Tidal ® or access a music library stored on a NAS drive via DLNA ® and uPNP, or Bluetooth with Qualcomm® aptX™.

Apple® AirPlay ® 2 will extend LSX to become part of a multi-room wireless music system, easily controlled from iOS devices


As TV sets became thinner, their sound quality decreased. Vastly improve your TV experience with LSX’s optical input, or connect your games console or other equipped source.

Analogue (Aux)

Friends want to plug in their phone? No problem. At the forefront of the vinyl revival? Add a phono stage to your turntable and connect to LSX. They aren’t fussy about the
age of technology used.

Designed for Life

A bold, yet elegant design combined with pleasing proportions may lead many to think that this is a lifestyle product. They aren’t wrong. From the room friendly size to the tactile experience of the Kvadrat fabric enveloping the cabinet, LSX aims to invite more people to welcome KEF into their lives. But make no mistake, style and substance go hand in hand with LSX, combining excellence in acoustics with inspired design. 

KEF approached Michael Young, an influential British designer based in Hong Kong, to collaborate on the design of LSX. A minimalist, Young’s sophisticated designs radiate
class, whilst his Studio works to strengthen ties between local industry and design. The result is a seamless blend between East and West.

Kvadrat is a Danish company specialising in high end textiles, who’s client list includes the likes of Range Rover, luxury furniture maker Cassina and Adidas. All but one of the LSX finishes uses Kvadrat fabric, adding beauty and a unique, tactile experience, making even lifting the speakers into place an event.

LSX’s beauty lies both within and without.

Five colour concepts

LSX comes in five colour concepts, with every single detail from every angle examined and deliberated over, based on how people define themselves.


The Michael Young Signature edition features olive green, red detailing/tweeter and a matt gold driver. A centerpiece concept.

Maroon and Blue 

For the person who wants to make a statement, the contemporary concept comes in two versions - Maroon Red and Denim Blue, each sporting a contrasting silver finished tweeter.

Gloss White

The only LSX colour concept that does not use Kvadrat fabric, instead a UV lacquered white finish is applied, requiring a whole different stage of manufacturing to ensure the same size, fit and finish as the rest of the concepts. Ideal for the modern home with clean minimalism.


An updated take on the traditional black finish, the black baffle, fabric and driver is contrasted with a maroon red tweeter,

LSX - Making Greatness Easy

Complete active stereo system

Everything required for a high quality music system is integrated inside the two speaker boxes, providing a lifelike stereo experience.

Acoustic engineering based on LS50 Wireless

KEF DNA runs throughout the LSX, including the iconic and strikingly effective Uni-Q driver array for unerringly natural sound without the constraints of the traditional ‘HiFi sweet spot.’

Access to all the music you want

An array of source inputs, both wired and wireless, ensures that if you want to listen to something, chances are it’s possible.

Simple setup and control

Less cables means less mess, due to the proprietary wireless technology linking the speakers together. The intuitive KEF Control and Stream apps makes all aspects simple and easy, including tailoring the sound to your individual taste. 

Form and function designed together

Acoustic design and industrial design developed holistically, ensuring that neither is compromised.


System Configuration

•Active – Active
•Wireless pairing between left and right speakers
•Optional cable connection between left and right speakers

Wireless Input

•Up to and downscale to 96kHz/24bit for wired connection between speakers
•Up to and downscale to 48kHz/24bit for wireless connection between speakers
•AirPlay (Upgradable to AirPlay 2)
•Bluetooth 4.2 with apt-X

Wired Inputs

•Aux In (3.5mm)

Subwoofer Out


Streaming Services

Tidal / ROON / Spotify Connect / QQ Music / Internet Radio (by url)


•On-boarding/Media player app (Same as LS50 Wireless)

•A new Remote control app (probably physical remote can be replaced by this app)

System Firmware Update

OTA (Over the air without attaching to computer)

Other Specifications

•Mounting inserts for supporting wall mount

•Compatible to voice personal assistant

•USB Charge out (providing power for voice control devices like Echo dot, etc.)

•Support IR discrete code / IP Control