Polk Audio DSW PRO 550 Subwoofer


  • Polk subwoofers are famous for their deep, musical bass response. With Polk Room Optimiser (PRO) technology, you can put this subwoofer anywhere in your listening room, even inside audio furniture or cabinets. The intelligent digital amplifier in the DSW PRO 550 wi effortlessly drives its 10-inch woofer with 400 Watts of continuous power. Polk subwoofers mean deep bass.


    • DSW PRO Series enclosures are designed and engineered for perfect volume, minutely tuned for distortion-free low frequencies, and internally braced and damped to eliminate internal standing waves and other performance-robbing resonances.
    • Polk intelligent amplifiers require less power to sound great, use power more efficiently and know when to stand down (especially at low volumes or in “Standby” mode); even at extreme listening levels, it’s a wonder of digital high efficiency, bullet-proof reliability and minimal heat generation.
    • Feed forward distortion suppression technology enables us to set our performance limits much higher than normal, much closer to the actual (theoretical) maximum output of the subwoofer, with no risk of excessive distortion or damage.
    • Choose one of four preset “Room Optimisers’ from the remote controller, and Polk’s exclusive PRO™ technology programs in the optimal bass and blending setting for your room.
    • Our state-of-the-art Klippel distortion analyser optimises the woofer’s motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension for smooth for unimpeded movement over a broad spectrum of the lower frequencies to ensure the best, most efficient performance even at extreme listening levels.
    • We can design unique driver materials, speaker geometry and enclosure construction techniques that actually produce cleaner, clearer sound using our patented Dynamic Balance® process. DSW PRO Series subwoofers feature Dynamic Balance materials and construction elements that help them perform effortlessly in high stress, big bass situations when you need them most.
    • Lightweight, super-stiff composite polypropylene cones create greater efficiency and more cone control, while durable rubber surrounds provide superior damping and free range of motion.
    • DSW PRO subwoofers can be arranged with their feet forward or down, for standard downward-firing position or innovative front-firing mode (you can snap on the grille and it looks smart) that lets you place the subwoofer just about anywhere, even inside audio furniture or a rack system.
    • The unique slot-loaded port design of the DSW PRO Series adds significantly more port surface area, for deeper, smoother bass response even in a smaller cabinet size, plus special tuning eliminates unwanted chuffing and air turbulence at the mouth of the slot-loaded port, for distortion-free bass.
    • You never have to leave your seat while you adjust your subwoofer to its optimum performance level thanks to feedback from the blue status LED, four-way phase selection for easy blending with your main speakers and full control of the Polk Room Optimiser (PRO).
    • LFE, line level inputs and outputs and 5-way binding posts for speaker level inputs allow easy connection to any system.
    • The “Night Mode” setting temporarily lowers the sub’s intensity with a quick and easy toggle from the remote control.
    • DSW PRO Series subwoofers blend perfectly with systems composed of other Polk loudspeakers.
    • Use adjustable rubber feet for hard surface flooring or adjustable carpet spikes for carpet; both options give you more placement flexibility and a totally dependable, more efficiently stable setup.
    • All Polk products are made using the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques. They pass the industry’s most exhaustive quality tests, including drop testing, extreme signal response and UV & salt exposure testing. Polk loudspeakers are built to perform for a lifetime.



    Quantity: 1 
    Diameter: 25.40cm
    Type: Dynamic Balance polymer composite cone driver


    Total Frequency Response: 23Hz-160Hz 
    Upper -3dB Limit: 125Hz kHz
    Lower -3dB Limit: 30 Hz
    Inputs: LFE, Line Level, Speaker Level 
    Outputs: Line Level, Speaker Level 


    220V Availability: No 
    Amplifier Type: Subwoofer 
    Continuous Power: 200 watts
    Dynamic Power: 400 watts


    Height: 40.96cm
    Width: 38.10cm
    Depth: 39.37cm
    Subwoofer Enclosure Type: Downward firing slot port 
    Product Weight (each): 18.60 Kg