Chord SPM 5000 MkII


Brand Chord

SPM 5000 MkII stereo power amplifier

In response to demands for a larger amplifier we have re-engineered our original SPM5000 as our most powerful stereo amplifier to date. Using the latest low distortion amplifier circuitry with our own proprietary lateral structure dual-die MOSFETs the SPM5000 Mk II is able to drive extremely difficult loudspeaker loads with clarity and precision.

Delivering a comfortable 560W rms into 8ohms the SPM5000 Mk II will be the perfect accompaniment to most larger loudspeakers and can be used for stereo or as part of a multichannel system when combined with further amplification.Now in MkII form, numerous engineering refinements have been made to the SPM 5000 to increase its sonic performance, flexibility and lifespan. These include:

- A new front panel design.
- A new power-control and sequencing board.
- A new rear connector plate that allows for third-party power connectors and the use of new beautifully made, British-designed, heavy-duty, gold-plated, insulated speaker terminals.
- Refinements to the filter components of the subsequent amplifier stages, to insure greater high-speed performance whilst maintaining good overall stability.
- Internal upgrades including numerous circuit board and earthing changes. These were implemented to improve high-current power flow across the units and help extend the product's lifecycle.
- A reduction of the value of the emitter balancing resistors in the first long tail pair in the second intermediate stage of the amplifier. This allows for a faster overall response and improves the square signal performance of the very high frequencies of the amplifiers.

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