The Chord Company Signature Ohmic Links



About twenty years ago, Bi-wiring speakers was all the rage. That's where you run one set of speaker cable to the high frequency input on your speakers and a separate set to the low frequency input. In this process you do away with the high to low frequency metal jumpers on the back of the speaker.

Normally the jumper links that come with a set of speakers are bits of metal and not made to perform well sonically. The positive effects of Bi-wiring were 90% the effect of getting rid of those crappy jumper links.

These days when a client comes in asking about Bi-wiring, we make sure they first try some good quality jumper links.

Like a good quality speaker cable these will define the image, you'll hear more of the tail-end of the notes - the ringing of the piano strings dying slowly away into silence...

An instant upgrade over the basic wire or pressed metal versions, commonly found bridging the inputs on bi-wire speakers. Featuring the latest, hi-tech ChordOhmic 4mm plugs/spades.

Startling improvements to sound quality.  Easy to fit. Signature links will work with any speaker cable. The design is based closely on the Chord Signature Reference speaker cable