Chord CPA 3000


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CPA3000 preamplifier

Chord Electronics Ltd is pleased to introduce the CPA3000 as the next in the range of our new generation of pre-amplifier products. Using similar technology as the highly successful CPA5000 reference pre-amplifier the CPA3000 also features a high frequency switch mode power supply and ultra low noise circuitry to give the very best noise floor performance.

Four pairs of balanced style XLR inputs allows for great flexibility with two additional RCA inputs for unbalanced sources. A single tape loop is available for playback and also to record from any of the connected sources.

Front panel controls allow for easy input and output selection if required but changes can also be made via the supplied remote control. Two polished and nickel plated aluminium controls feature prominently to manually adjust the volume and the balance and give easy visual reference of the settings. Using the precision motorised Alps potentiometers levels can also be adjusted by remote control. All settings are clearly visible via the large easy to read vacuum fluorescent display.

The CPA3000 is feature rich with the inclusion of fully balanced AV Bypass circuitry that allows for direct connection to an AV processor at full signal level, routing the signal directly from input to output avoiding the volume potentiometer. This gives a truly flexible system for the purest two channel stereo reproduction converting for use in a multichannel AV system with a simple press of a switch.

Cleverly situated under the main display, signal detection indicators have been replaced with highly accurate VU meters. These give both clear signal detection and accurate input level. Naturally via the front panel control, these may be selected or disabled as required.

Remote triggering outputs are available at the rear of the unit to activate power amplifiers or AV processors. These are active as soon as power is applied via the rear switch.

Packed with features and universal connectivity the CPA3000 also features our customary aluminium casework construction. This gives it stunning looks and solid build quality to match. The CPA3000 is the ideal pre-amplifier for any system.


Technical Specifications



Unbalanced Inputs::
Line 5, Line 6, Tape 1. 3 x pairs RCA Phono style, gold-plated with Teflon dielectric insulation.
Balanced Inputs::
Line 1 to Line 4. 3-pin female pairs of female Neutrik XLR inputs.
1 x pair of 3-pin male Neutrik XLR output with 1 x pair of gold-plated RCA Phono wired asymmetrically in parallel.
AV Bypass input::
1 x pair female 3-pin Neutrik XLR input
Intermodulation Distortion::
-100dB all inputs
Signal to Noise Ratio::
-93dB all inputs
Frequency Range::
2.5Hz � 200kHz (-3dB)
Nominal Gain::
Fixed at x 1.1
0.002% 20Hz � 20KHz
Channel Separation::
10 Hz 90dB, 1kHz 90dB, 10kHz 90dB, 20kHz 85dB
Channel Balance::
Input impedance::
Unbalanced 47k ohms, Balanced 94k ohms
Output impedance::
100 Ohms short circuit protected
Output Offset::
0mV both channels
Max Input Voltage::
10Vrms balanced, 5V rms unbalanced
Max Output Voltage::
15V rms balanced, 7.5V rms unbalanced
Potentiometer Performance::
0dB 0.5dB, -20dB 0.2dB, -60dB 0.24dB ( 13 secs for full travel )
Operating Voltage::
85 � 270V AC (50-60Hz) auto switching
420mm (w) x 355mm (d) x 88mm (h)