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CodeX network music player

The new CodeX is one of the world's most advanced uPnP network music players, featuring bespoke FPGA DAC technology, DSD 128 file support and 384kHz playback over USB. It's the latest edition to our stylish Choral range and brings advanced music streaming to the line-up for the first time. It joins the recently introduced QBD76 HDSD DAC, with both units bringing the latest advances in high-performance audio to the range.

Featuring much of the technology implemented in our flagship streamer, the DSX1000, including the same front end and control processor, the new CodeX is one of the world's first streaming products to offer the very latest DSD 128 playback over USB, DSD 64 and 192kHz PCM over Ethernet, as well as PCM decoding at up to 384kHz, making it fully compatible with the latest ultra-high-resolution DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition) recordings. Highly future-proof, it also boasts our world-renowned proprietary DAC technology designed by Robert Watts, giving the CodeX a further sonic advantage over ordinary network players with off-the-shelf DAC chips.

The new CodeX is also highly flexible: it boasts both USB and coaxial inputs to take advantage of the device's bespoke FPGA-based D/A stage, which has been taken from the multi-award-winning QuteHD DAC. It also offers our proprietary remote motor-controlled analogue volume potentiometer, as seen in the flagship CPA8000 Reference preamp and DSX1000 streamer, which gives highly accurate volume adjustment without the problems and low-level distortions associated with digital volume controls normally found in streaming products, and is unique in this field.

It can be controlled in one of three ways: using the unique fascia-mounted jog-wheel control combined with the full-colour TFT screen; via numerous third-party uPnP control apps plus our own iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone app, or using the supplied remote control. The device's network connection uses a fixed-wired approach, due to the bandwidth limitations of Wi-Fi for 24/192kHz support. The CodeX's Ethernet connection offers DSD 64 and up to 192kHz PCM, and its USB input offers DSD 128 and PCM at up to 384kHz (Digital eXtreme Definition).

DAC section

The CodeX's DAC section is based upon the multi-award-winning FPGA-based QuteHD DAC. The FPGA handles all digital data decoding, clocking, WTA filtering and the fifth-generation Pulse Array DAC. Improvements to the Pulse Array DAC have been further complemented by an enhanced power supply design and layout, giving the very best digital-to-analogue conversion available. The CodeX's advanced streaming engine is directly coupled into our own DAC technology, which carefully re-clocks all data, removing many of the jitter issues that can affect other products where the DAC is coupled into the main streaming chip. The CodeX is compatible with numerous file types including: MP3; WMA; WAV; AAC; ALAC and FLAC files, with 24-bit/384kHz support where available. DSD support is available using the DSD over PCM standard (DoP).

As with all our products, the CodeX is hand-built to order from the Kent factory. The casework is skilfully machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminium billet using local specialists that give us complete control over chassis manufacturing. The CodeX is available in high-quality silver and black as standard, with special finishes, including hand-polished nickel and colour anodizing, available to order.

Two dedicated equipment support systems for the Choral range are also available, giving a stylish and purpose-built foundation for the electronics. The Choral Modular system is available in both shelf and floorstanding configurations, with the latter available up to five-shelves-tall.

CodeX specifications

Harmonic distortion: better than 103dBV
Signal to noise: 115 dBV
Dynamic range: 118 dBV
Analogue outputs: 2x XLR and 2x RCA (all with remote volume control)
Digital output: from ethernet input only (this output can be fed into another DAC or audio system with its own volume control method)
Supported frequencies: 44.1,48,88.2,96,176.4,192kHz,DSD64 (DSD128, DXD via USB)
Inputs: 1x USB digital inputs for both PCM and DSD formats to 384kHz; 1x coaxial automatically-selecting input up to 384kHz. (Note: these additional DAC inputs cannot be controlled by tablet-type devices unless a PC/laptop is in the system
Power consumption: 20 watts
Operating voltage: 85 to 270 AC (50-60Hz)
Weight: 7kg
Dimensions (WxDxH): 338 x 60 x 145mm

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