Chord Blu Transparent


Brand Chord

Blu CD transport

The Chord CD Transport has been designed to match, both in performance and style, the highly successful DAC64 and also completes the Chord Choral range. For the first time customers can complete their Chord system with a truly stunning source component. Called Blu the CD Transport shares the same ground breaking technology that has made the DAC64 one of the most successful Digital to Analogue Converters ever produced. As a dedicated state-of-the-art, 2-channel CD Transport, Blu takes full advantage of the WTA Filter technology used in the DAC by having it's own 4096-tap, 80-bit WTA filter.

With features like selectable up sampling from 44.1 to 176.4kHz and a dedicated word clock input, Blu can also be used successfully outside a dedicated Chord system. The digital connections on offer are; 2x AES/EBU and 2x BNC for Dual Data output, 1x BNC and Toslink optical for standard data output (all selectable via a toggle switch), 1x BNC input for word clock synchronisation, selectable output sampling frequencies are 44.1kHz, 88.2kHz and 176kHz.

Blu delivers an astonishingly life-like musical performance. This ultra high resolution system delivers far more detail than conventional sources. One can hear more air and space, better separation of instruments, subtle nuances and inner detail. Layers and textures of instruments are more easily discernible. All this without the usual negative trade-offs associated with digital sources. In fact, Blu is smoother and more natural sounding with a distinctly accurate timbre resulting in a more organic, realistic sound. Finally, with a deep wide soundstage and almost perfect timing, Blu delivers the energy, vitality and excitement of the original performance. Blu offers a huge, dramatic, "night and day" sonic improvement, which will be noticed immediately.


Technical Specifications

Digital Outputs:
1x Coaxial BNC

1x Dual Data 176.4kHz twin Coaxial BNC

1x Optical Toslink

2x AES/EBU XLR or 1x Dual Data AES twin XLR
Wordclock input:
1x Coaxial BNC, 44.1kHz
2-position Dither selection: 16- or 24-bit

3-position sampling frequency selector: 44.1kHz/ 88.2kHz/ Dual Data 176.4kHz
Mains Power:
50Vac through 260Vac Auto line adjust
Dimensions (mm):
335 x 105 x 170 (W x H x D)
7 Kg
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