Serhan + Swift Brigadiers Audio Mu.2 Bookshelf Speaker


Brand Serhan+Swift

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Brigadiers Audio is a new Australian company and this is their first speaker, known as the Mu.2. Offering a special birch-ply construction, the selection of the finest ScanSpeak drivers, the critical crossover design process for driver integration, baffle diffraction, phase coherence and several patented component designs, this is a very special speaker.

This is a compact design measuring just 32cm high, 18cm wide and 23.6cm deep BUT don't be fooled by it's humble dimensions. It will surprise you beyond all expectations. A quick glance at some of the technical specifications tells a story all it's own. For example, you can see it offers a quite remarkable in-room bass response down to 40Hz and that's just the beginning. Right across the frequency range, it's ability to detail and define individual notes your choose piece of music is uncanny. To be specific, notes do not run into one another but hold their own, standing separate for the listener, yet all working together to combine in perfect rythmic timing. 

If you are looking to reproduce a truly emotive performance from your favourite music at home that can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and give you goosebumps, this is the speaker you need to carefully consider. It really is that good.  

Key features
+ ScanSpeak Revelator Bass/Mid driver
+ ScanSpeak Ring Radiatior Tweeter
+ Cardas Rhodium ‘high purity’ copper binding posts
+ Crossover components utilising Solen high quality air cored inductors
+ Premium Solen/Auricap polypropylene capacitors and non inductive resistors
+ Birch Plywood enclosure

Be astonished at how such a compact proposition can produce music from the darkness and with no hint of background noise. What this remarkable little performer will show is any imperfections you may have elsewhere in your system.

You might be familiar with the name of an Australian Audio Designer, Brad Serhan. Brad was the founder of Orpheus Loudspeakers who later sold the company and pursued a career as a free-lance designer for other speaker manufacturers.

Full specifications
Speaker Type: 2 way stand mounted, reflex loaded

Drive Units
ScanSpeak 1' Ring Radiator Tweeter
Patented Symmetrical Drive(SD-2) motor
Non Resonant Alu Rear Chamber
Patented Phase Plug Design
Large Ring Neo Magnet Offering extremely low distortion
ScanSpeak 5”/15cm Revelator Bass/Mid
Patented Symmetrical Drive motor design
Low-Loss linear suspension
Die cast Alu Chassis vented below the spider
Sliced Cone (controls Cone Breakup)
Low Damping SBR Rubber Surround
Low noise floor cabinet

Constrained layer damping construction technique
Birch Plywood (25mm)
Asymmetric bracing

Technical testings results
Frequency Response (typical in room response): 45Hz - 30kHz
Sensitivity: 84dB/1m/2.83 volts
Power Handling (typical music programme): 100 watts
Nominal Impedance: ~6 ohms

Physical Characterisitics
Dimensions / Height: 32cm, Width 18cm, Depth 23.6cm
Weight: 10 kg each

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