Bowers & Wilkins 803 D3


Brand Bowers & Wilkins


Technical features
Diamond tweeter


Continuum cone FST


Anti-Resonance plug


Turbine head
Aerofoil cone bass units


Optimised matrix
Solid body tweeter




Description: 3-way vented-box system


Drive units: 


1x ø25mm (1 in) diamond dome high-frequency
1x ø130mm (5 in) Continuum cone FST midrange


2x ø180mm (7 in) Aerofoil cone bass units


Frequency range: 16Hz to 35kHz


Frequency response (+/-3dB from reference axis):19Hz to 28kHz


Sensitivity (on axis at 2.83Vrms) : 90dB


Harmonic distortion:


2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m on axis)


<1 % 70Hz - 20kHz
<0.3% 100Hz - 20kHz


Nominal impedance: 8Ω (minimum 3.0Ω)







The 803 D3 is the first of its kind: a full-range, studio-quality speaker built for the home, and the most compact headed unit we’ve ever produced. While this elegant speaker comes in a living room-friendly size, it shares the same revolutionary technologies and design features as its larger siblings, including our turbine head and reverse-wrap cabinet.

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