Bluesound Node N130 White & PSB Alpha AM3 Black & IsoAcoustics Aperta 100

$1,718 $2,147


Streaming high quality music made easy!

If you haven't yet experienced what it's like to use a Bluesound streamer you're in for a treat! The Node N130 is the latest generation of Bluesound's ever popular line. Boasting the most robust and easy to use smart interface out there, packaged up with PSB and IsoAcoustics this handsome little hifi package will impress! And it won't take up much space doing it.

Compact, cool, calming (or exciting, it's really up to what kind of music you want to listen to) and collected.

This package includes:

 Another great thing about the Node is it has a headphone output (cabled or bluetooth!) so when you need to be really quiet you can switch over to the cans! Check out our range of wired/wireless headphones here.