Athena LS-C100B

$199 $99

Brand Athena

In less than a decade, Athena TECHNOLOGIES(R) has become one of the best reviewed speaker brands in the world. Building on a reputation of excellence and value, athena TECHNOLOGIES(R) is proud to introduce the LS Series. Blending contemporary styling and stunning performance, the LS Series will please your eyes and ears. The elegant wood grained curved cabinets are sure to appeal to your sense of style. This Series marks the introduction of aluminum dome tweeters and Composite Fiberglas(TM) woofers to the Athena TECHNOLOGIES(R) brand. Aluminum dome tweeters are extremely accurate due to their light weight. Composite Fiberglas(TM) is an extremely rigid and light weight material allowing a woofer to not only play loud, but clear. A further testament to the value of athena TECHNOLOGIES(R) products, these technologies are found on speakers that sell for many times the price of the LS Series. Whether you are just getting into a music or movie system or have appreciated the experience of good quality components in your system for years, the LS Series will please you. Like all athena TECHNOLOGIES(R) products, the LS Series plays loud and clear while offering exceptional value.

Design 5 1/2-inch 2-Way Curved Cabinet Shielded Bookshelf Speaker Power Handling 125 Watt Woofer 5 1/2-inch Composite Fiberglas Cone Tweeter 1-inch Aluminum Dome Frequency Response 60Hz - 20kHz Typical Room Sensitivity 87dB Dimension HxDxW (in.) 6.9 x 7.9 x 18 Finish Black Ash

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