Artnovion Lagos F Acoustic Diffuser





1D - QRD Diffuser

Scattering range:
350 Hz to 6000 Hz


- Improving low frequency response

- Flutter echo control

- Specular reflection control

- Enlarging sweet spot



Lagos is the result of extensive research into diffusion techniques – it is based on a traditional QRD diffuser, but combine varying widths with each cell depth, overcoming some of the limitations of the standard QRD diffuser. 

The phase grating surface of the diffuser is designed to provide a more uniform sound field through mid-high frequency diffusion. The well depths are individually tuned to enhance performance at certain frequencies, essentially increasing the effective range of the panel, without compromising the overall linear response – Lagos performs 15-20% lower with a linear frequency response.

The panels’ semi-cylindrical response pattern makes it the perfect solution for multichannel rooms and can easily be installed in specific arrays to provide 2D diffusion. Lagos is available in both wood and fabric finishes, making it a versatile solution to match your performance and design requirements.


Scattering coefficient / Diffusion Average / Absorption Coefficient


Perfect diffusion control.


Recommended for

- Hi-Fi Listening Room

- Media Room

- Home Cinema



Why use diffusion?
Diffuser panels scattering incoming sound waves into smaller, lower energy waves, scattered over a large area. These scattered reflections create a homogeneous sound field distribution and a full, balanced acoustic response. This improves speech intelligibility, music quality, and creates a more uniform, larger sweet spot.

Available fire rate:
FG | Furniture Grade

- Natural wood veneer | Lacquered HMDF
- HMDF and plywood structure

Dimensions | 595x595x60mm

Integrated fixing system - panel can be rotated 90º to any orientation.

Lagos is designed to be used with other Artnovion products, with the same thickness as our standard absorbers once installed. Lagos is hung on screws, and can be installed on any surface, in any orientation.