Artnovion Agad


Brand Artnovion

Agad - Absorber

Efficient absorption on a fully optimised product.
Absorption coefficient 



Absorption range:
400 Hz to 5000 Hz

Acoustic Class:
C | (αw) = 0,65


High frequency absorption


Agad Absorber is a stylish, minimalistic panel, created following a MLS sequence. Its unique design delivers high effective absorption at a low cost. This 100% foam panel was designed to deal with first reflection problems and to perform within an absorption range from 400 Hz to 5000 Hz. Especially easy to install, we recommend this panel for use on side walls and ceilings. 

Artnovion has optimised this product to its limit, from production to packaging. We have increased the absorption surface, optimised performance, reduced raw material waste and product volume by 33%, that allows for 10 panels per box, decreasing shipping costs.

Highly efficient absorption on a fully optimised product.

Recommended for

- Home Studio

- Vocal Booth


Available fire rates:
FG | Furniture Grade

- Calibrated cell acoustic foam


Fixing Systems

Walls & Ceiling
 + GlueArt 2.0
 + FixArt Foam
 + Instant Fix Kit
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