Artnovian Eiger Wood Absorber - Double Vertical


Brand Miranda Hi-Fi

Made of wood from renewable sources, the Eiger Absorber is a premium acoustic panel for the hi-end segment with an absorption treatment range between 250 Hz and 5000 Hz. Developed to bring you the perfect balance between design and quality, Eiger Doble Absorber is a timeless acoustic panel that offers you the opportunity to create your own ambience with a natural touch. This highly efficient acoustic absorber can be easily mounted on walls.

A Beautiful classic wooden panel.

This highly efficient Eiger absorber can be easily mounted on walls.

Combines Absorption and diffusion.

Acoustic performance:
- Absorption range: 250Hz to 5000 Hz
- Acoustic class: B
- Absorption coefficient (αw): 0,8

Available Fire rates:
FG | Furniture Grade

Eiger W Doble - Absorber Dimensions:
FG | 595x1190x138mm

Fixing System:
FixArt Tube | FixArt Metal | Fixart Plastic

Artnovion Fixing Systems:
FixArt range brings versatile solutions for panel mounting. With the customer in mind, we developed a reliable, simple, universal system to install panels.

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